January 2nd, 2018

Product Testimonials on UnFranchise.com: An Easy Way To Boost Your Business

Right after New Year’s its seems everyone is inspired to reach for the stars and dream big in the coming year. We may not have an exact roadmap to help us reach our goals but tapping into this passion and enthusiasm we all have is a great start and the perfect way to build momentum in the new year. If boosting your UnFranchise is one of your goals for the coming year, then I have an easy tip that everyone can utilize to give their business a spark!

Submitting your own product reviews and testimonials on UnFranchise.com is a tremendous way to give your business some exposure while also helping fellow UnFranchise Owners understand the benefits of our world-class products. Professionally crafted advertisements are nice, but I’ve always felt genuine consumer feedback is the best and most authentic form of a product testimonial and advertisement you could ever have.

There are two easy ways for you to join the fun and add content of your own to our product pages on UnFranchise.com:

  • Make a post on Instagram that talks about a product. Tell us what you love about it in an engaging video or image! When posting on Instagram, use hashtags like #ShoppingAnnuity, #shoponSHOP, #MarketAmerica, #Isotonix, #MotivesCosmetics, etc. so we can find your posts and feature them.
  • If you don’t use Instagram, don’t worry! You can also upload your product images or videos directly to the product pages on UnFranchise.com. Simple go to that product’s detail page and click the Upload button within the social media section for that product. It’s that simple!

Adding your own personal reviews and testimonials on UnFranchise.com just takes a few minutes and can have a great impact on your business in 2018. This is a simple and fun way to help spread the word about the products you love while also educating your fellow UFOs about their benefits!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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