February 8th, 2013

Priming the Pumps

When I was a Boy Scout, I remember having an experience that really reverberated with me, and always makes me think of how this incredible business works. I remember our troop went on a long hike of around ten miles or so. The temps were in the mid-80s and the air was thick with humidity – and we were all exhausted.


At the end of our hike, our troop gathered in a designated area as we waited on our parents to arrive. We were all tired from our grueling march, and quite thirsty. The scoutmaster soon realized that our parents were late, and we needed to quickly find a suitable water source before we all started to pass out from dehydration.


We quickly located a nearby well, and I, being the highest ranking boy in my unit, was given the mission of priming that pump so we could all enjoy a nice cool drink.


I stooped over the pump, and began to prime it – sweating and working hard to help bring the water to the surface. I worked at it for a while, and I began to realize that no matter how hard I pumped it, it wouldn’t be primed until we put something into it ourselves.


The scoutmaster sent another boy down to a nearby pond with a bucket, which he quickly brought back to the pump. As soon as he poured in that pond water, the pump was primed – and soon began to gush pure, clean water – that we all enjoyed.


It took some work to get the pump primed, but once we had put something into it ourselves, we quickly had a steady stream of clean water flowing. To me – that’s exactly how our business works. You have to commit yourself to building the business the right way, but once you do you’ll have a steady stream of residual income!


Have a look at this great video of my “Priming the Pumps” presentation, because it’s not only a great analogy that really shows how this remarkable business works, but it also illustrates how the UnFranchise Business differentiates itself from MLM and Network Marketing companies!


Keep Growing!


-JR Ridinger



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