Powerful Videos: Lessons for a Successful Business and Life

The lessons we learn at World Conference and International Convention can be powerful catalysts for positive change, but only if we take those lessons to heart and truly apply what we learn to our business and daily lives. During my close at MAWC2018, I spoke at length about the concept of reprograming your brain – and stressed the importance of feeding it the right information that will lead you to take action and fulfill your goals and dreams. The human mind is the most powerful machine in the world because what you think about and what you focus on will ultimately be what manifests in your life – both good and bad.

The right thinking will help manifest positive outcomes for you and is the key to achieving any goal. To help ensure that everyone truly benefits from the key lessons I discussed at World Conference, we compiled a powerful series of video excerpts that reinforce the concepts I spoke about on stage at MAWC2018. We all need a reminder every once in a while, and these videos can serve as the perfect dose of the JR Belief Pill!

The concepts and lessons within these videos are the foundation for your UnFranchise success and are great resources to share with your fellow UFOs. These videos can also spark that billionth of a volt to help you understand the core concepts that make our business so unique and empowering. Our strength lies in our unity and collective buying power, but knowledge is another tremendous source of power that we all have the opportunity to wield. Take some time to review these videos with your team and contemplate the lessons and ideas within. Apply what you learn and become a hopeless success!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Lessons for a Successful Business and Life – Complete Video Playlist