September 17th, 2013

Power Networking with Don Martin

This is what it’s all about! I just received this great update from Don Martin, who’s entire team is motivated, inspired, and making it happen! Our cross-pollination MeetON segments have been a hit, and have helped spark action in Don’s team. Please take a moment to read Don’s update, along with a few pictures from some of his recent events! As always –if you’ve got a success story to share with me – send me an email at! I always love to hear about all the growth and excitement we are experiencing!

And remember – we’ve got one more great Cross-Pollination session on coming up this Thursday night – so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn and grow!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


2 Weeks ago when we started watching the segments from JR and guests about the Unified global plan and the importance of the power referral networking strategy, we immediately got busy.  We held corings, conference calls, and webinars identifying who wanted to hit the ground running with us and make it happen this year in a big way.  Here are some pictures of the training we did where we covered these topics and put together strategies to place our IRCs and we also scheduled team Power referral networking workshops to do the calls, emails and social searching together to beat the bushes to find the people to call and create connectors throughout the team.  With over 250 connectors in place so far we found through just a few people, the entire team of gonows are stepping up and momentum is about to explode!  SUCH AN EXCITING TIME!

-Don Martin

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