January 19th, 2018

Positive Results: Compliance Crackdown Leads to Returning Customers

As many UFOs already know, Loren and our corporate teams (Legal & Compliance) have been making some major progress in removing Market America products from third party sites like Amazon, eBay or TaoBoa. These unauthorized sales had been undermining the UnFranchise but their impact is being lessoned by the week thanks to the tireless efforts of Loren and the team. UnFranchise Owners have also played a key role in alerting us to different offenses, and we truly appreciate all your help with this compliance issue that effects us all.

I’m so proud to see people rally together to protect the business we all built together, and by working to resolve this issue we’ve been able to ultimately help UFOs regain customers – which is music to our ears. Loren and I recently received a tremendous update from Field Vice President Lisa Grant, which helps show that we’re making some excellent progress in the fight to remove our products from unauthorized retailers.

Customers who had been purchasing our products on Amazon (thanks to the unscrupulous actions of a few) have now returned to buying from UFOs because they can’t find the products on Amazon! That’s the way it should be, and I’m so proud to be part of the team fighting every day to not only uphold the integrity and sterling reputation of our company, but also protect the UnFranchise and with it the hopes and dreams of thousands of UnFranchise Owners around the world!

Loren and I absolutely love reading updates like this so if you’ve seen customers return to the fold as a result of no longer being able to buy our products on third party sites – feel free to email me or leave me a comment and you may even be featured on my blog just like we’re featuring Lisa Grant’s message below!

Also, if you discovery any illegal activity or unauthorized sales of our products on third party sites, please email: internetcompliance@marketamerica.com. It’s extremely important that we remain steadfast and continue to work together to completely stamp out this practice and protect the UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Hello JR & Loren,

I Just wanted to comment that Top Retailers in my organization  including Chris Sarli-Retailer of the Year for the past 4 years,  Jonathon Glassman who has won the Top Retailer two years in a row in Florida have commented that their customers  have recently come back to them due to the fact they could not find the Products on Amazon!!!!

Rebecca Carfi, Supervising Co & LI Local Co & 19 year old Jared Rasheed who are more Top Retailers in my organization and have told me their sales are increasing like never before and their customers are coming back!    I know you and Loren are working around the clock and we all appreciate your efforts!  Thank you so much!!!!

Looking forward to Miami!     

-Lisa Grant FVP

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2 Responses to Positive Results: Compliance Crackdown Leads to Returning Customers

  1. Thank you Loren, JR and the corporate team for all the work you have done to remove our products from third party sites. I wanted to share a story. Last year I had a friend that knew I was doing something and was taking supplements that were helping me. Tom is in his upper 70’s and was having trouble with arthritis in his hands and asked if I had anything that might help him and I suggested OPC-3 and Prime Joint Support and he had great results. However one of his cashiers found the OPC-3 online and was buying it below my cost and thought she would do Tom a big favor and get it for him online where ever she was getting it. I warned Tom that those products may not be the the real products. Tom continued to purchase from me however his cashier continued purchasing online until 3 weeks ago when she asked Tom for my number because she wasn’t able to find the products online anymore. Now I have a new customer as a direct result of all the efforts you and your team. Thank you again and I realize most companies would not do what you guys have and I have no doubt that I am partnered with the right company. It’s like the president of the BBB said at MAIC2017 Market America does the right thing even when no one is looking.

  2. Super great news JR!! I had a customer return to me, she was buying mocha tonix on Amazon ; not anymore:) it was a good feeling see our products justt on shop.com !! After seeing you and Loren on Facebook Live I knew it wouldn’t be long for all the MA branded products to return to shop.com

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