People Power: How Alice Chiou Hit 300 IBV

As the quarter comes to a close, I’m being inundated with incredible success stories from the field showing how different people have achieved 300 IBV and beyond. I’d like to share with you now a powerful update from Alice Chiou that helps explain how she achieved 300 IBV just by shopping smarter. This is a great roadmap to success and while obviously each family has different needs, this is a great example of how to make it happen and qualify and hit 300 IBV.

I love seeing how different people are hitting 300 and utilizing the SAMM program to cultivate a winning attitude and mindset within their team. This is something that’s within reach for every UFO, and we’re constantly making this program more powerful with new enhancements and products. Have a look below at Alice’s message and learn how she hit 300! Like a true leader she shared this with her team and showed them how easy it was to do it. It’s all about leading by example!! Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me how you hit 300 IBV too! Sharing your story might be exactly what someone else needs to see to help them believe!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Special Message from Alice Chiou:

Dear JR,

Just saw your Shopping Annuity sharing.  Great time to share with my team what I have been doing to reach 300 IBV on early June for the quarter! After I shop more and more by transfer whatever I need for the family, I really grow more in understanding this online shopping fun, and Shopping Annuity!

Share my fun with you and hope I can get my team mates (chicken) doing more!

Have a nice evening!




I want to share with you why & how I have qualified for 2nd quarter ending on 6/30/19.  See my report below.

2nd Quarter ending on 6/30/19.  It is so much incentives for you to get to 300 IBV for this quarter…

1.  Qualified Master UFO:  I would like to place my BV/IBV from customers purchases daily and place at  2 assigned personal sponsored UFO as my BV/IBV placements starting 4th quarter.  Currently only one UFO can be assigned to get my ordered BV/IBV.

2.  Qualified Shopping Annuity Master Members will be offered one-year free shipping starting 4th quarter 2019.  This is huge.  I really leverage the benefit to order any volume, in small quantities to meet my needs at home.  So even for my own uses, I do not keep inventories.

So, I really leverage the e certificates since there is no expiration dates, and traveling can be heavy in the summer for families besides me.

I also like to use and for airline tickets purchases at sites. The promo on Turn Up and Awake was huge!  Now you can look at how Phil Guido’s Trial Size Marketing on to learn how you can use these products at fitness centers and customers to build more customers.  Woohoo!

I buy toilet papers and other paper items from I buy Ziploc bags from Home Depot in commercial bulk, healthy snacks from One Cart store, soy sauces from Groceries, and all kinds of  restaurants gift certificates from! Rice cooker, Q Cup coffee maker, plates, fan, shoes, socks or whatever all on

Yes, some UFOs would comment on pricing not competitive with a few dollars cheaper somewhere such as Costco. First, lead by example!  2nd, Costco would not pay me any $1500 no matter how long I would be there customers. might give me the chance, maybe 1- 2 years later if not monthly 😁 

Shopping online is really fun! There are so many stores and even products I really do not know but now I learned! 

Hope you all will do too!



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