October 11th, 2019

Out of the Chicken Coop and into the Geese Procession

I received an incredible update this week from Big Al showing some dynamic action and growth as we continue to help discover the power of the Shopping Annuity and the UnFranchise. It’s all about showing the plan and following-up, and this is a great representation of what happens when you do it the right way. I love seeing this action and momentum and am so proud of Big Al and the team for this new wave of energy and growth building the business while letting the chicken out of the coop so they can join the geese procession to residual income! Congratulations to Big Al and Vilmos Bond for making it happen here in Charlotte, NC!

Update from Big Al Yentsch:

Making it happen

We’re having a very successful week so far. Last week Ronnie and I show the plan to 5 people, those 5 people plus 1 joined my SHOPPING overview webinar Sunday, then 3 of them plus 3 more join the business plan webinar Ronnie and I did yesterday. Today I did a trial marketing event and got 34 people on our trial marketing in 45 minutes. Follow up set for Friday. 👍🏻 plus Dr. Nancy help me with a 3 way call with a practice I’m registering next Wednesday. 👍🏻👍🏻🤗


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