Now on YouTube: Video Replay of My #MAWC2021 UBP with Andrew Weissman

One thing that stood out in some of the MAWC2021 feedback we received was the fact people really enjoyed the UBP Andrew and I hosted. We’re kind of like sports commentators in how we play off each other, and the fact that we know each other so well allows us to have a lot of fun when we show the plan. Sometimes the challenge is just containing our excitement for showing this business to new people! 

I’ve included below some great feedback we received from Shannon Goodberry that put a smile on our faces. Its always special when we receive messages like this, especially when it’s from a someone who’s experienced success and is awake, engaged, and gets it. That’s why she’s ready to grow. 

She makes a valid observation and I wanted to share and emphasize:  What worked in the beginning and got us here still works and can be applied today in a big way to create new success!  

To help everyone experience the same things Shannon experienced, we’ve decided to upload the UBP from World Conference on YouTube. Now you can watch it and utilize it whenever you need. It always helps when you see passionate people speak about the plan they believe in wholeheartedly!!

I suggest everyone take some time to rewatch it as well as share it with your teams – especially those people who may have missed out! Of course, it’s also a great resource to utilize when sharing the business with new people!

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger

World Conference UBP Replay on YouTube

World Conference UBP Feedback from Shannon Goodberry: 

I wanted to take a quick moment and attempt to convey my experience from watching the replay of your teamwork during the business model shared recently at the World Conference. I watched it live with a few awesome colleagues because we rented a hotel in our local Buffalo area.  It was fantastic then. I decided to rewatch it during the replay time entirely by myself.  

I wanted to study the masters and the genius behind the best business platform ever created. I have loved this presentation for over 20 years now, yet I found myself gently crying after I watched both of you this time. The excitement over who will discuss one special part over another, the awe you both offer on how different we are, the admiration, respect and fun you bring and balance each other…

So, I am sending a virtual thank you filled with gratitude and love.  My children have a different life because of your relentless commitment to serious entrepreneurs that care.  It does not go unnoticed, not for one single day. 

Cheers to lives well lived.

We love you!

“There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration 
of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.”
 Anthony Robbins