November 25th, 2019

New Security Feature: How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to your UnFranchise Business Account

Two Factor Authentication on is yet another crucial layer of security to help protect your business and prevent any possible unauthorized activity or access. UFOs can add this important security feature to their UnFranchise Accounts right now by following the directions below. I suggest everyone take a moment to implement this security feature on their UnFranchise accounts by following the instructions below. It only takes a moment to add to your account, so be sure to add tw0-factor authentication to your account to add an additional layer of protection for your business! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

To Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your UnFranchise Account:

To enable this new feature, UnFranchise Owners should log in to > My Account > Security > Advanced Security Settings. A code will be sent to the phone number on file to validate the phone number provided. This validation is a one-time validation. The cell phone number must be text enabled and cannot be a VOIP. If you update/change your cell phone number, the new number will require reauthentication.

If you enable two-factor authentication, and the system detects a new device attempting to log in to your account, you will have a unique code sent via a SMS/text message to validate access to your account. You will not be asked to reauthenticate via two-factor authentication unless you are logging in via a different device or if you have cleared your cookies.

Visit today and enable two-factor authentication to increase your account’s security.


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