New Partner Stores on SHOP.COM: 8/31

Partner stores on SHOP.COM can be an absolutely tremendous source of IBV and provide you with another great opportunity to fuel your Shopping Annuity with the products you love. Partner stores can really help your UnFranchise, so have a look below and the newest Partner Stores on SHOP.COM – be sure to share this with your team and customers! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Browse New Partner Stores on SHOP.COM:

  • Sage (UFO: 6% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) – Every day, all around the world, Sage’s 13,000 colleagues and local networks of accountants and partners support and enable business builder success.
  • Soulmia (UFO: 13.2% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 6% Cashback) – Soulmia is an international online fashion brand dedicating to show girls’ natural beauty to the world.
  • Gem-Water (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) – Gem-Water sells the first and best-selling crystal water bottle in the world.
  • ICU Eyewear (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) – ICU Eyewear is a globally recognized leader in reading eyewear, blue-light glasses and sunglasses.
  • Mr. Tortilla (UFO: 6% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) – Mr. Tortilla is a tortilla company based in the San Fernando Valley that makes some of the best tortillas in the world.
  • PureWine (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) – PureWine provides the only wine filters that eliminate wine headaches and other negative side effects without affecting the taste, aroma or color of wine.
  • Roger Ximenez (UFO: up to 11% IBV, Customer: up to 3% IBV | up to 5% Cashback) – Roger Ximenez is a master leather artisan with more than 25 years of experience designing handbags, briefcases and custom leather belts.
  • Three Wishes Cereal (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) – Three Wishes Cereal created a new kind of cereal — one made from nutrient-dense ingredients, not commodity grains like wheat, rice, corn and oats. 
  • UVé Pro (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) – UVé is a cutting-edge company specializing in technologies to minimize bacteria in the beauty industry.
  • Z Grills (UFO: 9.9% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 4% Cashback) – Z GRILLS is a U.S.-based brand that has been making high-quality grills and smokers for more than 30 years.