March 13th, 2018

New Look: Complete Redesign for

We are constantly working on new programs and resources designed to help UnFranchise Owners grow their business efficiently and easily – and one of the primary business building resources for UnFranchise Owners has just been totally enhanced, revamped, and updated! Introducing the new!

Welcome to Our New Digital Home!

In a digital age where the only borders are the limits of one’s imagination, the company is experiencing explosive growth. With 10 Market Countries, several emerging markets and doing business in over 190 countries, Market America needed a corporate website that better reflects our global presence.

It’s finally here!  The new, globally unified went live in 8 languages last week.  The site has been completely re-written and redesigned to be a recruiting tool while also establishing our credibility in the global marketplace.  I wanted to take a moment to review some of the key functionality changes.


Updated Content

Each page has been designed to speak to your prospects about the key areas of the business as well as establish Market America Worldwide as an industry leader.  You’ll find a myriad of information to help you talk in themes with your prospects:

  • Innovation – speaks to all of the systems and technology we’ve innovated including The Shopping Annuity, One:One Marketing, Paid to Shop and technology such as Shop Buddy
  • Product – explains the concept of Product Brokerage and why that is so important when going into business. We also give a window into all the industries we have exclusive brands for, our partners and about our quality assurance.
  • Opportunity – storyboards the plan for you and is an excellent way to guide a conversation with a prospect when introducing the business to them. In addition, we highlight all of the strengths of the UnFranchise Business such as The Shopping Annuity, Systemization, GMTSS and the ability to specialize or major in an area of the business.
  • Community – shares all of the ways that we give back to our community as well as ways that you can be part of our community.
  • Company – introduces you to our executive and management teams, our corporate philosophy and other valuable company information.


Global Content & Language Options –

All content has been written with a global approach and is available in 8 different languages.  (English, Spanish, Castilian, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Taiwan Traditional Chinese). When a user arrives at the site, the site will load with the primary language based on the locale.   To change the language, go to the top right corner and click on the universal icon for “language switch”, which will bring you to all the language options.


Single Portal Redirects:

Rather than receiving a portal for every market country you are in; all UFOs will now have  This will be much simpler to recruit because you’ll now only have one site URL to promote.  The team did an awesome job and built a system so that old URLS (for example: would redirect to the new URL,


Old URLS will not be lost and as long as your site was already setup, they will be redirected.  This approach will only apply to the corporate site, not SHOP etc. 


Lead Capture:

Built into the body of the home page and footer of every page is a call to action titled “Own Your UnFranchise Business”.  If a prospect lands on your site and completes the form, the completed form will be emailed to both to you and also to our leads department to be followed up with.


Link to this Page:

We’ve added the ability to share pages and make sure that your prospects stay on your site.  At the bottom of each page is a “link to this page” option which allows you to share the page with your handle still attached.  (exactly how it functions on SHOP)

Thanks to the teams who worked on this new site design – it’s truly an incredible resource to leverage when prospecting and recruiting! CLICK HERE to read the article from our World Conference program where Sarah Rose Stack spoke at length about this tremendous resource for UFOs! Truly exciting times for UnFranchise Owners!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



2 Responses to New Look: Complete Redesign for

  1. sylvia says:

    Love it all….my one comment is, since we are not an MLM…we should consider using the word OPTION INSTEAD OF OPPORTUNITY.

  2. Laura Ames says:

    I discovered this last night showing a newer distributor what a great tool she has at her finger tips. I thought it was new. She loved it.
    Thank you.

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