April 26th, 2019

New Feature on UnFranchise.com: Dual Search

Team, we’ve been hard at work in 2019 developing tools, features, and resources all designed to help everyday people experience extraordinary success with the UnFranchise. Support materials on UnFranchise.com are a crucial component of this overall equation, and our latest update to your UnFranchise Business Account will make finding the support materials and resources you need easier than ever.

We just debuted some exciting new dual search functionality on UnFranchise.com which helps you locate products and our support materials quickly and efficiently so you can find what you need and empower yourself like never before. Below you’ll find our official UnFranchise News announcement regarding Dual Search on UnFranchise.com, which provides more details about this exciting new feature. The search results on UnFranchise.com have now been segmented to show both Products and Media, so you can now find what you need with just a few clicks!

Be sure to share this with your team and utilize this new functionality for yourself on UnFranchise.com. It’s all about empowering others and helping everyone build lasting success with the UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 


UnFranchise.com offers state-of-the-art tools, resources and functionality for UnFranchise Owners. The company is continuously upgrading and expanding UnFranchise.com to make building your UnFranchise Business simpler and more efficient.  

UnFranchise Owners use, sell and represent exclusive products and services.  Therefore, when a UFO searches for a product or term, they want to see more than just the product results returned in search.  The recent enhancement to search now displays related media items alongside product results when an UnFranchise Owner searches a term in the main search bar.  This can help with product education, buying decisions, sales, marketing and business building. 

 For example, if you search “health and nutrition” in the top search bar, you will get all product results but now, you will also see a tab called “media” to browse related media items about health and nutrition.

  • The Products Tab displays all of the product options related to your search term and are first to be displayed. All main functions are the same: you can view all of the product’s details, testimonials and information. Take action on the product by adding to cart, choosing express pay, adding to AutoShip, or adding to MyList.

  • The Media Tab displays media items related to your search term. If you choose the Media Tab, you can view UF Support Materials which relate to your search term.  All main functions of interacting with media are the same here as well: You can download, share, read details, view related items and interact with the media item the same way as if you had searched on UF Support Materials. 

Learning about products, obtaining sales and training materials and exploring beyond the product is simplified and streamlined for UnFranchise Owners.  Login to UnFranchsie.com, search for a term in the top search bar to view the products tab for product results as well as new media tab for media results, today.  

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