MTOLS2021: Market Taiwan Online Leadership School

The 2021 Market Taiwan Online Leadership School represented another major step for our company as we continue to refine the art of delivering impactful events in the modern age. Taiwan has pandemic-related restrictions right now, so the Market Taiwan team put together an online event that united the field, highlighted some tremendous products and success stories, while also delivering informative sessions that empowered UnFranchise Owners in attendance. 

These types of online events provide us with yet another dynamic and unique chance to interact with UFOs around the world. Loren, Marc, and I each had the opportunity to speak at this virtual event, and it’s always amazing to take part in such an incredible event and technological marvel that unites people around the world. 

I think the entire Market Taiwan team deserves recognition for hosting an excellent event which was educational, inspirational, and incredibly interactive. Our business has proven to be beyond resilient, and much of that has to do with the belief and determination of our global UnFranchise Family. Congratulations to Market Taiwan for the success of #MTOLS2021 – may it help set the pace for success in the coming year! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger