October 29th, 2012

Motives Superstars are Making it Happen in the UK

I love to hear success stories from the field – and as you can see our Motives superstars are really making it happen in the United Kingdom. If you love making money and growing your business, and want to understand what it takes to make it happen – then check out what Jeyda, Sev and their team have done.


We are so proud of them ! Jeyda and Sev realize what it takes to build success through duplication, so take a moment to read the message they sent – and start implementing the tactics they discuss to grow your business the right way! This is how you duplicate!


Hi JR, Loren and Andrew,



I just wanted to share some pictures of another successful Motives clinic that my mum and I did last week in our friends’ house. I met a makeup artist there that nearly bought one of everything and is coming to the Motives overview on the 6th with 3 other girls…recruiting through retailing! Another lady invited us to bring Motives along to a jewelry party that she is having at her house in November.



We have so many clinics booked in November and December…we also went for a meeting yesterday at David Lloyd, a huge chain of gyms in the UK, they wanted to see the products first then agreed to let us have a display of Motives and Isotonix which we start in December.



I think this will be a fantastic way to expose the products and to generate interest of the business with fitness instructors and beauty professionals as there is a beauty salon and a hair salon in the gym as well. We did a HBP last week with my mums friend Tracy but we got too engrossed and forgot to take pictures but she is coming with her daughter to Dennis’ UBP.



Excited to see you all soon… ~Jeyda

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