March 6th, 2019

Merchandizing Roundup: Week of 3/4/19

Today marks the start of a new blog series I’ll be doing which highlights different products being featured each week on, an addition to helpful information and resources for UnFranchise Owners. Keeping up with the weekly features in your UnFranchise Business Center will help you stay ahead of the curve and on trend – not to mention it provides you with information and insights which can have a direct impact on your growth and success as an UnFranchise Owner.

This merchandizing series is so important because the information we’ll present will ultimately help you become a SAMM by highlighting great products each week that deliver excellent results while also helping to grow your business! This week we’re focusing our Weekly BV merchandizing efforts on different Energy & Performance products such as:

In addition to these excellent BV-boosting products, we’re also featuring some amazing IBV products such as our Shopping Annuity Brand products and our IBV Essentials Bundles, in addition to our new Super IBV Products which you’ll also find with your UnFranchise Business Center!

You’ll find this great info within your Business Center on as well as on the Ordering landing page. You’ll also find information about powerful learning opportunities like MAIC2019, and our monthly GoNow Gameplan. In addition to that you’ll see some excellent videos and other resources to help explain how to achieve 300 IBV and beyond.

Be sure to check back often as we’ll be featuring new products each week as a way to highlight the different ways everyone can fuel their Shopping Annuity. In addition to merchandizing content, you’ll also find information about Featured Stores such as etailz – which is offering Free Shipping right now! To learn about these exciting deals simply visit your UnFranchise Business Center – and be on the lookout for new products, promotions, and stores each week!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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