February 13th, 2019

MAWC2019: The Universe and the Law of Attraction

I’ve received some excellent feedback so far from MAWC2019 – including this incredible communication I had with Kathy Kaufman in the wake of World Conference, where we discuss the presence of binary systems all throughout nature as well as the law of attraction. It’s good to see some people like Kathy recognizing this aspect of the power of the plan and the power of the brain. I love when UFO’s have these insights and speak intelligently with other credible smart people and find confirmation of these realities of the laws of attraction and manifestation.
Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Message from Kathy Kaufman:

Hi JR,

I love that you have Marc start our days.  Having been a Microsoft engineer in my past I really appreciate the enormity of his accomplishments.

I just loved convention and had exactly what you spoke about on the way down. I drive down from RI.  I had just been bitten by a dog in another location and when I visited my grandchildren, all 3 of them and my daughter in law who is pregnant again had a stomach flu (like your family).  My son and I did triage for a week.

Then of course I got it while I was on the road. I think of myself as very young but my 70-year-old body reminds me every now and again that I’m not quite the same!

Right afterwards I stayed at an Airbnb that I loved.  I really liked the owner.  In my first 1/2 hour I helped her fix her networkand we had the best time talking about all sorts of amazing things.  Then I got a text during your presentation that she arrangedfor a medical doctor in her town to meet with me on my way back north.  I didn’t even ask her for that!

So it was definitely several challenges but my determination to have fun with this stranger that lifted me.  I think you are speaking of keeping a disciplined focus on the good things that happen all the time that we miss?

I appreciated the thoughtful focus on unity as the world around us focuses on division.  I’m grateful for Fat Joe and his character and strength.

I also wanted to let you know that my friend Jerry Friedman who is a Nobel Laureate in Physics at MIT looked at our plan andsaid that it works just like the blueprint of the universe.  He was amazed that a CEO figured it out. (Doesn’t have a high opinion ofbusiness people but said you must be extraordinary).  I may have told you that before but it is really amazing that you were plugged intothe physics of the universe when you designed this business.

I’m still baffled how you get people to lead to people so quickly.  I get them to do it but it takes me too long.  It seems like that WHAT IF exerciseneeds to be more of a focus of mine.

I did a self-portrait in my twenties and it was like twins.  One part of it was me as I was in my twenties and the other was what I pictured as me “enlightened.”  I saw that in my mind as you spoke and I keep seeing that enlightened me so I’m thinking that is the way to identity change for me and the answer to my confusion so I’ll stick with that and FUN.

Thank you and all of the corporate team.

Going out right now to have a day of fun in Miami before I start my drive north tomorrow.

All the best,



My Reply to Kathy:

Kathy, it’s intriguing that the most important phenomenon of the universe are based on binary and duality like your Professor friend stated– as it is the simplest and most flexible or efficient of concepts allowing for creation and unity of order. Order and Form come out of randomness and unlimited permutations of vibrations and possibilities. The catalyst that overcomes inertia in hypothesize in physics, is intentions.  It “Binomial” also is used the core of the DNA genetic coding with 2 spiraling helixes and all computer code is binary, and even the squaring exponent in energies relationship to mass and speed of light E=mc2    (best known regarding splitting atom & atomic energy or bomb)  and true and is fundamental to the design that the universe revolves around it.  It is funny or paradoxical that this is where physics and science, metaphysics, religion or spirituality and philosophy intersect or collide!

The Universe brings exactly what we desire (not want) and eventually conforms to our vision. The physics are exciting because it demonstrates unification principle like Einstein made clear with the exception of particles and black holes which will unify all the laws of physics and creation/manifestation and cause and affect into one set of laws that can be mathematically expressed. In the meantime, we have everything we need to create our own worlds the way we want and you have experienced the power. Just do it more on everything so it multiplies attraction exponentially.

If you do not understand how the evaluation technique and no decision close requiring them choosing the 2-3 yr plan, seeing it 3 times and getting people to evaluate it before they can get in and then imprints exponentially leading to people earning checks fast— I can explain it to you – but to learn it – it has to be experiential so you have to find someone or partner or small team to do it with. Another way could be to be invited on one of the U4 sessions on it between now and April.

I loved your email message here- thanks for sharing the confirmation of the law of attraction.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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