February 21st, 2019

MAWC2019 Feedback: Nick & Kate Searcy Share Their Magic Moments

Team I’d like to share with you another powerful testimonial from our UnFranchise family – this time from UFOs Nick & Kate Searcy. I love seeing everyone’s perspective from events like MAWC2019, and I’m very thankful for everyone who’s taken the time to share their experiences and magic moments with me. I love reading about your takeaways and seeing what sparked that billionth of a volt to help further your understanding of the UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




Message from Nick & Kate Searcy:


First, I have to say a huge thank you to you, Loren & and the entire corporate team for everything you do for us as UFOs.  My entire team, especially those attending their first major event, are still raving about how incredible this opportunity is and how our company only continues to find ways to put more money into every UFOs pocket.  So, THANK YOU!  The only way we know how to truly thank you is to be in the arena as Directors and fulfill your vision.  So grateful!

Words cannot express how impactful MAWC2019 was for us (My wife and I).  Everything clicked.  The simplification that has taken place with the Shopping Annuity and UnFranchise Business to make it easier for us to make 2 checks is absolutely incredible.  When you made the comment about “…focusing on building out our distribution using imprinting and you are going to be rich!”, I distinctly remember the feeling and that billionth of a volt going off as you have always told us about.

From hammering down the Trial Run/No-Decision Close to your segment on imprinting and the geese precession. hit home with us, and our entire team.  It’s the first time that I truly understand what “duplication” is all about.  We teach our people, through doing what we expect ourselves to do, with them.  Creating a team culture of “this is how we do it”.  It’s the only way to ensure the success of our team, which is what our success comes from.  It’s clear now.

Also, I still listen to the Original 90 Day Fast Track and now more than ever, everything you did to grow the company and what you teach in that audio applies.  As you said, nothing has changed.  The UnFranchise Business, Basic 5 & Shopping Annuity (Obviously you put a name to it) have never changed.  They have only become simpler and more enhanced as we all witnessed a couple of weeks ago.  Our team has committed to doing things the UnFranchise way and following your lead in what you put in motion at the beginning that lead you to us and everyone else that owns an UnFranchise Business!  It hit us while at the conference that WE ARE YOUR PROOF TO DO IT THE WAY YOU DID IT!!!  Absolutely incredible!!!

I know that you have this already…haha, but I figured I would include a link to your Original 90 Day Fast Track…we recorded it from the tape so our team could listen to it: http://bit.ly/OG90DayFT

As the conference closed out, and Loren was pouring the water over the sand demonstrating what happens when we put our dreams first.  Seeing you all do it together this time combined with your message of having one more go-around with building new millionaires really resonated with us as UFOs.  Your demonstration of putting your dreams first literally brought me personally to tears as I have never felt more in tuned with where this company is going and more in tune with you and Loren as UFOs.  Truly showing that you never forget where you come from.

Lastly, it was a struggle to get to Miami, and in all honesty, we didn’t know how we were going to get there leading up to a week prior.  We just knew we were going and as we continued to be creative problem solvers, circumstances presented themselves for us to make it happen.  Not one of us, but both of us, including our 6-month-old son.  In chatting with our Sr Partner, we were reminded how big of a deal our story is of how important it is to be at the event and to fully commit to being there even when you don’t have all of the answers of how yet.  No excuses, right?!  There is always a way and I hope that can serve as an example of what anyone can do if they simple have a why and fully commit to doing what it takes.

Thank you again for everything!  You’ll see us on stage at MERC2019 & MAIC2019 for hitting our next 2 pin levels!

Nick & Kate Searcy


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