February 22nd, 2018

#MAWC2018: Learn and Grow with Shopping Annuity Master Members

Events like World Conference are so powerful because not only do you have the opportunity to learn from our key leaders during their stage presentations, but you can also learn from them at our various breakout sessions and lunchtime training sessions during the event. Below you’ll find some great videos from our lunchtime learning sessions at the Shopping Annuity booth at #MAWC2018 – with an incredible training and Q&A session with amazing field leaders like Al Yentsch, Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, Carl Eklund, Sarah Rose and Ryan Stack.

In these videos you’ll find great discussions about the Shopping Annuity Master Member Program, and how the Shopping Annuity is changing the world by helping everyone convert their spending into earning. This is an idea whose time has come so make sure you review these videos with these fabulous Shopping Annuity Master Members and learn how you can duplicate massive success with the UnFranchise and Shopping Annuity!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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