MAWC2018 Highlight Videos and Recent Trade Publication Media Hits

In the past few weeks our brands and business have had some excellent media exposure – and all of this content serves as tremendous business building resources for our UnFranchise family to utilize. Sharing these types of media hits can help spark conversations about our business, and ultimately helps new people discover the power of the UnFranchise and Shopping Annuity.

The media exposure we had for World Conference was out of this world, and we’ve put it all together in a great new video for you to share. It’s a great way to introduce to people to what we do! You can CLICK HERE to watch this amazing World Conference Media Coverage video. You can also find an incredible World Conference Media Highlight video in Spanish as well, which gives you a whole new resource to share with the world!




I’ve also included below three links to an incredible article which was co-authored by SHOP.COM’s Jon Vivers and Jessica Rice. Jon is our Vice President of Search and Analytics, and Jessica is a brilliant Front End Developer who both play a crucial role in helping us utilize data to deliver a tremendous user experience on SHOP.COM. Their insightful article titled “Bridging The Gap Between Data and The UI” was has been featured on three huge trade publications so far, with more in the works…

You can find Jon and Jessica’s article ‘Bridging The Gap Between Data and The UI’ here in the following publications:

This is an amazing article which helps explain the thinking behind our customer-centric approach, and the innovations we’re incorporating to help insure we continue to lead the parade! I urge every UFO to utilize these articles, media hits, and videos to help spread the word about all the amazing things we’re doing with Market America | SHOP.COM!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger