December 30th, 2019

Master UFO Program Updates

Team, I’m sharing with you an important update regarding the Master UFO Program which goes into effect with the new calendar year – as if 2020 wasn’t already exciting enough! Beginning with Q1 2020, the Master UFO program will implement exciting new updates! The best part is, these updates make the process of qualifying as a Master UnFranchise Owner much easier for you and your organization!!!

A Master UnFranchise Owner (Master UFO) is a qualified and active UnFranchise Owner who has made the commitment to master the UnFranchise Business System by implementing the established tasks, activities and practices as set forth and defined in the Master UFO program. Master UFO program participation and approval is achieved via the Master UFO program form located on > My Organization > Reports > Management > Master UFO Program.

The current form requires the participating UFO to press the “Submit” button after completing the criteria in order to have the form approved. With these updates, the UFO will no longer have to submit their form approval. The required ticket numbers and training criteria is the only information that will need to be entered and saved by the UFO on or before the quarter ending date. The remainder of the information on the Master UFO form will auto-populate as it does now. Like the Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) program, the Master UFO program will then enter a 90-day reconciliation period at the close of the quarter. At the end of the reconciliation period all UFOs who have met the Master UFO criteria will be notified of their second placement award.

If you have any questions regarding this change or any other questions regarding the Master UFO program, please email the Master UFO Program Coordinator at

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