November 13th, 2011

Market Taiwan’s Amazing Growth!

The Taiwan Leadership School was off to an auspicious start on Friday, 11-11-11. While many view 11-11-11 as a lucky date, we all know luck is when preparedness meets opportunity – and they definitely collided in Taiwan this weekend.

Some 25,000 UFOs gathered in the largest venue in Taiwan to experience this incredible event, which ends today. The Leadership School has been a tremendous success, illustrating the incredible explosion of growth occurring in Taiwan today.

One highlight of the event was Joanne Hse being recognized for achieving International Field President – meaning she earns over $100k a month! As always, Dennis Franks dazzled them with his magic, and kept the crowd involved and energized.


George Hu, the Managing Director of Taiwan, and his team – along with the Taiwan UFO leadership team, have duplicated and even exceeded what was accomplished in the United States. With the support of the Joe Bolyard and the corporate team, as well as the field leadership of top Chinese leaders from the US – they were able to accomplish this feat in a remarkably short period of time. Many people came together to make this happen – after all, we’re just one big happy global family.

Market Taiwan is an example of what can happen when people follow the system, and focus on accomplishing the result-producing activities. Market America is blessed and honored to have a leader like George Hu at the helm, and we are extremely proud of Market Taiwan’s incredible progress and accomplishments.

Congratulations to Market Taiwan, from your Market America Family! 

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