February 25th, 2020

Market America’s Simply Explained Video Series

Team, I’d like to share with you a collection of powerful yet short videos which help explain the concepts which are fundamental to our success as UnFranchise Owners. Our Simply Explained video series helps explain what we do and who we are and can serve as an excellent way to spark a conversation about the business while helping people conceptualize how we achieve and foster entrepreneurial success with the UnFranchise. Share these videos today on social media and help people form a better understanding of our business! It’s an easy way to shake the bean jar! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Market America | SHOP.COM Mission Statement

Looking to own a business you can operate part time?… and that will provide you with the additional financial resources you can’t get solely relying on your current position?   Then Partner with a Company that has a proven track record of doing just that…Market America / SHOP.COM. Change the way people shop by providing the ultimate online shopping destination and a personal UnFranchise Owner to guide buying decisions – helping save time and money. It’s high tech, and it’s high touch… combining the latest technology and comparison shopping with customer service that is second to none.

Franchise Versus the UnFranchise®

So, what is the difference between a Franchise business and the UnFranchise® Business? Simply put the UnFranchise® Business is similar to a typical franchise business in that we provide systemization, standardization, training materials, market-driven products, and proven management systems. However, unlike a traditional franchise the UnFranchise® Business has no franchise fees, minimal startup expenses, no large monthly overhead, no territorial restrictions and the ability to work part-time with flexible hours. Develop your UnFranchise® Business today and begin the path to financial success.

Leveraging the Four Major Trends – The UnFranchise® Business

The UnFranchise® Business leverages Four Major economic trends in business today:

  • Retail Store Collapse
  • Surging Online Sales
  • One to One Marketing Replacing Mass Marketing
  • Rise in Entrepreneurship 

Market America 2 to 3 Year Plan Versus the 45 Year Plan

Most people follow the traditional 45 year plan, working for someone else’s financial success.  After 45 years, statistics show people either end up still working, dead or struggling financially. The UnFranchise Business and its 2 to 3 year plan is a plan for your OWN financial success.  It’s designed for a person to work part-time to create an ongoing income. If the proven system is implemented, any individual can achieve their financial goals. Which would you choose?

What is a Product Brokerage?

In short, we connect people with products! Each UnFranchise Owner is able to build personal relationships with a core group of customers, learn about each one’s specific needs, and then fulfill those needs. This helps the UnFranchise Owner establish lifetime value with every customer. The One-to-One Marketing component of Market America’s business model restores personalized customer service on a global scale.

What is BV and IBV?

BV and IBV serve as our means of assigning value to products. BV stands for Business Volume – which is a value assigned to Market America’s exclusive products. IBV stands for Internet Business Volume – is typically assigned to purchases made through Market America’s partner stores. As an UnFranchise Owner, BV and IBV both accumulate towards earning commissions.

The Shopping Annuity: Simply Explained

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