July 20th, 2010

Market America launches new home page

Market America recently launched it’s new home page and I love it! It has functionality, fast search, comparison shopping and higher cash back countdowns in our Paid to Shop section, now we are rolling; The site is cleaner and also faster.  Sometimes as an entrepreneur we have to remain focused and on-course, we have to ask our customers for advice because they are the ones who will help shape the products you carry, without their suggestions we won’t know what to fix or improve. We were ranked #1 as most improved site on Internet Retailer and our new home page will take us to the top!

Below is a list of our new enhancements:

* Shop All Departments now in a dropdown menu

* Market America brands now listed in a dropdown menu

* My List feature added (details to come)

* Viewing history added

* New footer

* More Services menu item added

o GoNow Mail

o ma TV

o Isotonix Custom Cocktail

o Gene SNP

o Movie Showtimes

o Driving directions

o Nutri-Physical

o Transitions Lifestyle System

o Market America Mastercard

o News

o Weather

o ma Messenger

o Celebrity Corner

* Footer section added to include:

o About Us

o Your Account

o ma Cashback

+ What is ma Cashback

+ How to earn cashback

+ Check your balance

o Personal Links

o News categories

o Services


~Keep Growing


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