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June 30th, 2010

Market America grows 34.76% in just one year!

Just wanted to point something on we’ve been pushing the fact that we jumped 12 spots to rank 54 on Internet Retailer which is great (as well as #1 most improved website for user experience on the Top 100 of Internet Retailer), but I would say the most impressive statistic is that we have grown 34.76% in just one year! If you look at, they’re only at 27% growth over last year. Walmart is at 19%. Amway had sales decrease –2%! This a great angle to show that we’re gaining on the number one retailer, FAST!

This is another great reason to invite everyone on your personal contacts list to Get Paid to Shop with the invite tool. You, your organization and PC’s should make the portal their home page too Why not—they get paid to shop (25 to 35% cashback and special offers with countdowns and .05 % on everyone they invite forever) and you can customize the portal with everything you want at one URL.  When you go on line your brower has to open to something and the portal is better than MSN or Yahoo — plus you get paid on advertising and search starting with convention (be there to learn about advertising bonus BV and cash).  Additionally, everyone should be on ma Network, our Facebook application and logged in with their personal PC to get credit for their orders.  If you and everyone in your group uses ma Network, it will offer personal product recommendations based on what they like (they are updated all of the time and are different for every unique customer or viewer). That in itself is incredible. If you don’t use it –- it doesn’t work for you. If you or your group need help with this, please view the instructional videos on the ma Blog or email Christian Karasiewicz ( to walk you through this.  If you do not know about these things, you are losing money and are leaving money on the table. You do not know what you do not know! Are you missing something??

Imagine what happens when you invite everyone on your contact list to Get paid to shop (2% to 35% cash back plus .05 % on invites). The tool allows you to do it automatically. Doing it means customers and money to you. Do you like leaving that money on the table? Do you like missing out or losing money??If you have 300 names in your address book and invite them and only 10% sign up—that is 30  new customers. If you have ten UFO’s in each leg that do the same because you show them how and walk them through it – that is 300 new customers per leg. That can qualify your legs for residual commission checks in the MPCP? That more than satisfies the prime the pump challenge and IBV requirements! Get it? What are you waiting for? He who hesitate is lost. If you do not know about this or anyone in your group doesn’t – they need a webinar and they need to be at convention. When you know how to do it, you can then walk your people through it personally and it is well worth it.

The paid to shop program works and the Portal is the way to shop. The proof is in the pudding. That is why we are growing faster than the big boys at 35% per year on internet! Make sure you do not miss out  or are asleep at the wheel. I have to ask—Are you missing something?? Now is the time to WAKE UP and make it happen! This is the easiest money you will ever seeing the plan, And now it means both BV and IBV!  Next week I am running a contest for who invites and signs up the most people on Paid to Shop. Get organized, up to speed and ready!


~Keep Growing JR

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