Market America Convention 2010: Looks to new media

Yesterday we kicked off our 18th annual 2010 International convention in Greensboro, NC.  Loren opened up the show beautifully “Together we are creating the economy of the future”,  we are all heroes helping one another.  Steve Ashley our Vice President of Internet marketing taught our entrepreneurs the importance of social media,  Loren went over new Motives products,  Andrew Weissman spoke about the importance of audios and Elizabeth Weber taught us how people lead to people.  But what really got my attention was the interaction, social networking and “tweeting” behind the scenes about #marketamerica.  Virally I got to learn how many of you enjoyed the show, who was paying attention, who was hear for the first time and this is something we could not do before, now this is exciting!  This morning I pick up the paper to find Market America on the front page of the News & Record newspaper and how we are looking to revolutionize and change media.  Always believe the unbelievable and together we will create the economy of the future.

I will be posting and tweeting behind the scenes pictures on my Facebook, Blogs and Twitter accounts.


~Keep Growing