Market America: Bigger, Better, Faster: The Power of Social Media

Market America International Convention was a resounding success! I saw a crowd of hungry, open-minded, passionate and ready entrepreneurs eager to learn. The social networks engines were firing and the social media presence was felt like never before!

Kim Kardashian

Over 1500 guests attended the social media breakouts, Twitter was over capacity, AT&T lines were jammed, Google broadband down, the world was buzzing with the#marketamerica hashtag.

Market America Bigger, Better, Faster The Power of Social Media 3

(From Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account)

Images were being uploaded on Facebook, eager social media rookies going crazy of Christian’s and Natalia’s social media manual, the new redesigned chatterbox was launched, viral videos of Power Profiles and news were going out, Twitter queen Kim Kardashian gave Market America love to over 4 million + followers, all in real-tim e, spreading the word, together we made it happen, we believed the unbelievable, the power of social media has taken over and it’s here to stay!!!

Market America: Bigger, Better, Faster, Easier

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What an amazing convention