July 15th, 2020

Marc Ashley’s #MAIC2020 Update

Marc’s presentation last night was a tremendous glimpse into the upcoming 2020 Market America International Convention. Ever since we finished World Conference in February, the global Covid19 pandemic has been our primary focus – in terms of doing everything we can to not only empower our UFOs around the world but also keep them safe. Your health and wellness have always been our top priority, and all decisions made related to International Convention have been made with that in mind. For us it became simple – how can we put on the best possible event while also focusing on the health and wellness of those participating? After much consideration and constant discussions, we decided that MAIC2020 would be our first ever online International Convention. While it’s unlike any event we’ve ever done, we have no doubt this will be the greatest online event ever.

Now that we know we’re doing International Convention online; we’ve decided to run it from Friday to Sunday on September 11-13th. That gives you the time & opportunity to really focus your attention on preparing and playing your part in ensuring this is the best event possible. This is a great benefit for UnFranchise Owners who have to work and makes it easier to participate by removing another hurdle. I also love the fact that since it’s online, we’ve removed other ancillary things like travel which take up a lot of your time and energy. While I love being at live events and interacting with people in-person, there are other benefits to doing an online event which have a great benefit for our UnFranchise family, including saving money on things like airfare, hotels, local transportation and other miscellaneous expense which can add up. With all of that now removed, it allows everyone to really focus on what matters most: learning how to unlock your full potential as an UnFranchise Owner and building a legacy of success through residual income! 

We’re utilizing the latest technology to make this a truly one of a kind immersive interactive experience where speakers can engage with people from all over the world. This will be the closest thing to an actual in-person event that possible. You’ll feel like you’re there with live participation & interaction. We’re even going to feature various watch parties from around the world! We’ll also have LIVE online breakout sessions! MAIC2020 will have all the benefits of a live event without any of the headache or expenses. We’re incorporating cutting edge technology & sparing no expense to make this the premiere online learning opportunity of 2020, and we’re happy to do that because re-investing in your future is what we’re all about. 

I’ve included the replay from last night’s session with Marc so you can get the complete picture for MAIC2020. There’s been so much thought, planning, and consideration poured into this event – I have no doubt it will go down in history as one of the most uniquely empowering learning experiences you’ll ever witness. If you haven’t already be sure to get your tickets to MAIC2020 today!!!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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