#MANER2015: Northeast Regional Convention on MeetON.COM

This weekend you’ve got a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow at a huge regional event – the 2015 Northeast Regional Convention in Providence, RI. Attending this event can have a monumental impact on your UnFranchise Business because it’s a great opportunity for you to learn from our executive team and field leaders in a tremendous setting.

You’ll have the chance to work with amazing leaders like our COO Marc Ashley, as well as tremendous field leaders like Amber Yang, Sarah Rose Stack, Andy Webb, Carl Eklund and Lisa Martin! If you want to really start hitting those UnFranchise Levels like never before – you need to make the most of crucial events like this weekend’s Northeast Regional.

If you can’t make it there in person, you can still experience this great event by tuning in to our LIVE broadcasts on UnFranchise.MeetON.com! Below you’ll find the links you need to watch and learn on UnFranchise.MeetON.com – and if you’re at the event be sure to tag all your social media posts with #MANER2015 so everyone can join the conversation!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Northeast 2015 Regional Convention – Saturday Morning

11/21/2015 09:15 AM EST to 11/21/2015 01:15 PM EST

Price: 20.00 Credits

Speakers: Sarah Rose Stack & Ryan Stack, Sue Pasqual, Andy Webb, Steve Harris, Dan Herlehy and April Ritchotte


  • ma WebCenters
  • TLS Weight Loss Solutions
  • Building Event to Event
  • The Shopping Annuity
  • The Market America Difference
  • How to Show the Plan and Effective Follow-Ups
  • Building Base 10 & Retail Strategies

LINK: http://www.meeton.com/live-meet/northeast-2015-regional-convention-saturday-morning_2359/


Northeast 2015 Regional Convention – Saturday Afternoon

11/21/2015 02:30 PM EST to 11/21/2015 06:15 PM EST

Price: 20.00 Credits

Speakers: Marc Ashley, Andy Docos, Michele Molinaro and Kurt Fittler


  • Developing Top Ten, ABC’s of Follow-up and Home Meetings
  • Conquer Entertainment
  • Powered by People: Recognition of UnFranchise Owners
  • Building Momentum and Hitting Pin Levels
  • COM Shopping Annuity Technology Advancements

LINK: http://www.meeton.com/live-meet/northeast-2015-regional-convention-saturday-afternoon_2360/


Northeast 2015 Regional Convention – Sunday Morning

11/22/2015 09:25 AM EST to 11/22/2015 12:55 PM EST

Price: 20.00 Credits

Speakers: Marc Ashley, Amber Yang, Sarah Tugender, Lisa Martin and Carl Eklund


  • nutraMetrix
  • Motives
  • Recruiting with the Shopping Annuity
  • Business Building
  • COM UnFranchise Technology Advancements

LINK: http://www.meeton.com/live-meet/northeast-2015-regional-convention-sunday-morning_2362/


Northeast 2015 Regional Convention – Sunday Afternoon

11/22/2015 02:10 PM EST to 11/22/2015 04:45 PM EST

Price: 20.00 Credits

Speakers: Elizabeth Weber and Maghan Fittler


  • Retail to Recruit
  • Powered by People: E. Weber Award Presentation and Recognition of UnFranchise Owners
  • The Time is Now!

LINK: http://www.meeton.com/live-meet/northeast-2015-regional-convention-sunday-afternoon_2363/








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