Making it Happen with Result Producing Activities

One of the many benefits of attending our big events like International Convention and World Conference is the fact that you’ve got a chance to learn firsthand from some of the most successful people in the business. Learning from top recruiters in the business and leveraging their tips and insights is a great way to step your game up and build a successful UnFranchise Business of your own. Below you’ll find a very valuable video that features some of the top recruiters in the business in 2013 where they discuss how they were able to leverage result producing activities to grow their business.

  • Stacy McKinney – Supervising Coordinator – personally sponsored 26
  • Krista Dieck – Executive Coordinator – personally sponsored 18
  • Lynn Mitschke – Director – personally sponsored 32
  • Cheyn Crangle – Supervising Coordinator – personally sponsored 14
  • Dawn Florio – Executive Coordinator – personally sponsored 18

They are passionate, enthusiastic, driven and have a lot of insight which will help us to improve our prospecting and recruiting efforts.  Set aside 45 minutes to listen, watch and learn – and arm yourself with the information and insights you need to make your UnFranchise Business an unstoppable force.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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