Major Updates to our Trends Program on SHOP.COM

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you just in time for International Convention! Our team has been working hard to bring you some great new features and enhancements to SHOP.COM – including a newly redesigned Trends program!

Below you’ll find an incredible announcement from our COO, Marc Ashley, where he discusses some of the great new enhancements we’ve just launched for the Trends program for SHOP.COM. I think you’ll really love these new enhancements and find them to be very intuitive and user-friendly, so visit SHOP.COM today and create a Trend of your own!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



I am excited to announce and new major enhancement to our Trends program and trends pages on SHOP.COM. Here are the details on what’s in the release that is now live.

This is our second release of the Trends redesign and includes a new leading edge user interface along with new components that makes it easier to distribute your Trends across SHOP.COM and onto the Internet.  The new interface will be the platform for Trends going forward and we are excited to start building some great features around this new experience.  Along with the new interface, we have incorporated the ability for you to add all your social links into your Editor profile which enables a much tighter link into all your social, SEO and internet activities.

Following is a summary and some screen shots of the new Trends…..Check it out its live…What a way for our UFO’s and customers to use the great features of SHOP.COM to express their personal interests and, at the same time, monetize their efforts.


  • New Trends Widget – Has all the components in a Trend, but in a compact format that can be used across the site
  • New Editor Widget – A compact version of an Editor page that shows profile details and a random subset of all that Editor’s Trends.
  • New Trends Page  – New layout that showcases all the products with bigger Trend images
  • New Editor Page  –  We updated the Editor  page layout and integrated all their social links
  • Infinite Pagination  – Trends widgets will float in as you scroll down the page
  • Comments  –  We have integrated user comments directly into the Trends widgets and now use comments to rank and sort Trends
  • Editor Search  – Easily find you favorite Editors
  •  “drop-in” UI  –  A cool new feature that makes it appear as if Trends or Editor Widgets are flying down the page.  It makes Trends even more fun!
  • Social Integration – All social links are now part of the Editor Profile to make it easy for customers to see all the social activity of any Editor.  We even added Google Plus “author” meta tags to Trends pages so an Editor’s profile will show up in Google search!

Trend Widgets:

trend widget onetrend widget two

Editor Widgets:

editor widget

Social Integration (Editor Profile Page):

social intergration