MAIC2021: Incredible Feedback & Testimonials

The 2021 Market America International Convention was a truly remarkable experience with UnFranchise Owners participating from all over the world during our first hybrid event. Over the course of the past few days our corporate team has received an incredible outpouring of feedback and testimonials which we’d like to share with you now – in the hopes it inspires new people to join us and leverage these powerful business building events with us!!

MAIC2021 Testimonials

Good morning!! 
Another wow event in the midst of our crazy world and times, it was epic as always.
It was my first Intl Convention I missed, and although  I really felt the sadness of it, the next best was having the ability to plug in virtually. Thank you for that, always.
I watched my boys this weekend too, as Heather and Jeff celebrated their Anniversary….a blessing for them. Running from them to Scott for his PT and assistance, (he finally climbed some steps the other day. Praise God, and has not fallen in 6 weeks Praise God)and although I was not able to be on Zoom for it all, my take away was how many new levels we have despite world events. Loved the recognition last nite, loved many new faces taking the stage and training on stage. New blood. The panel discussions, Cullen, Brandy, Deb Grigas and her power ladies, so many others, and Of course so thrilled seeing Aleks up there, (she glowed! You made not only her day, but her magic moment in life) along with so many UFOs from our NE Region. 
Driton killed it….poignant and riveting…so thrilled for him, to watch him over the years, grow to be a “hopeless success.” Just wonderful…so deserving of it all.
The UBP you did Fri nite, JR and Andrew,  was the best yet. I loved the dynamic tag team and the conversational mode of it. God willing, we are doing our first live UBP in Braintree in Sept and think Imight implement something like that as an opener..just loved it. A fireside chat😊
Marc, I can listen to you forever, and in a crowd of thousands you always make each person feel like you are sitting one on one with them. Your delivery is impeccable. 
There really aint no stopping us now. We are so what the country, our world needs. 
JR, Marc, Andrew you were spot on, as always, in your delivery of who we are, what we are not and what we do, why we do it the 4 Ws.
And Loren, just love, love you..I cry every time, you just get to the heart of the matter,  OUR matter, always, to make us believe and know we can begin our new Chapter, and boy, I know I can certainly write that book. We all can.
I’ve said it for years and years. There will be 2 types of people in the world. You will either be someone who is a customer, buying our products from an UnFranchise Owner, or you will be someone that chooses the UnFranchise business, because Market America is the way America, and the world,  should be. I decided the latter and next month we celebrate 28 years with you. Thank God Elizabeth never took no as a final answer. 
I have my goals and dreams and no one will steal them from me. I am the maker of my own destiny as I continue to help others focus on theirs. 
You’re so right JR! We do things in reverse. We determine what we make but determining what our partners will make. God bless my team.
Scott and I are forever grateful. 
I love you all! I have my tickets. See ya in Miami!!
God bless Market America. God bless you. Be safe. You are always in our prayers.

Bonnie Philo



MAIC2021 was an inspiration to anyone who really listened and wants to be a Part of the Next Chapter! Thank you for your ONGOING COMMMITMENT to educate and help every UFO!!  My favorite presentations are always the NEW PRODUCTS and VIRTUAL “HOW TO’s”  ie: Elizabeth’s ABC on ZOOM….not just telling but doing so our Teams can SEE it being done!!  Thank you, Andrew and your team for making that happen!  
LOVE the TRIAL MARKETING APP and  SHOPLIVE and we are anxious to learn ‘HOW TO” DO that more and more!!  
I am connecting to our Teams over the next 2 weeks  to see WHO is serious about building to Professional Coordinator…..DIRECTOR and helping others!!
I was scheduled to come in person and SO SAD I could not BE there with everyone. Chris and I even had our flights and rooms at the Sheraton, but the COVID virus got me too and I know it was BEST to be with my Teams virtually!  
Thank you again for WHO YOU ARE and ALL YOU DO!
LOVE and Continued Blessings, 

Jacki Blasko


Hi Loren,

Thanks!!! You always put things in basic terms. Something I noticed this year was how bare and true, both you and Jr have become. Maybe you have always been, but this year it is as if a new light went on. It felt like me. I am pretty basic and have been said that I am honest, to what some, deem a fault. To me, it cuts through the bs and saves time. 

In that honesty, I have lacked motivation and most likely let covid excuse get the best of me. I just didn’t deal with people nor wanted to. 

Convention lay bare the simplicity of this business and what we have….again. The tools at our disposal are sic! Just use them. 

You and Jr are a treasure. Know that. I can tell you my Dad would have loved you guys. Jr reminds me of him, an innovator and visionary. You, right there with them. When Jr referenced the phone as us holding a mainframe in our hands that hit. Back in 1960, my Dad had the company he ran (he was 35 at the time, the youngest president of a domestic insurance company) buy one of the first “Watsons”. He saw the direction the future was going and capitalized on it. Mr. Watson came to Montpelier (Vermont) to meet my Dad and thank him for his belief in this new technology. Great minds think to what is next. 

So, I might be in touch with you at times. You are a rock and amazing. I hope all is well. One more point you may relate to, as well, my Dad was always about family, too. 

Love and cheers,

Doug Haley


JR and Loren,

Thanks for the amazing convention!!! Here is one of my new groups in Georgia!!!


Aubrey Clay


Thank you for putting up this event – it meant so much ! The next chapter has begun! I am so glad that our teammates can tune in and join virtually too. Nevertheless, the atmosphere & energy in person were incredibly amazing! I love to be able to recap the start of this business and the presentation of the 4 corners stone and your sharing of Getting stuff done instead of finding excuses. Then the advancement in technology and many more new products. So proud of what the corporate has done to equip us for the UnFranchise business !! Truly appreciated 

Chwen Lim


My first International Convention thanks Loren Ridinger and the team, I feel the energy and am truly motivated from Malaysia, glad there is a hybrid event, and this technology takes us much further and stronger, thanks to the MA Corp Team, nothing is stopping us from making it amazing.  

Manddy Tan


Although we weren’t there in person…it was incredible and exactly what we needed as a team. And I can’t wait to meet in person in Ft Lauderdale!!! 

Tanya Hoevelman


Thank you so much to you Loren Ridinger and the corporate team for making this event a hybrid event so we could participated and recharged our energy. 

This was an amazing event. Thank you for all of your hard work to give us such a well-organized and inspirational conference! yes, we are tuning to a new chapter with new heights. Stay safe and we hope to see you all next year! 

Sabrina Chai


Thank you to you, and the whole corporate team, for being dedicated to being ahead of the curve, having something to offer for current trends, and empowering all of us. So few people have this drive and attitude. We are so, so, so blessed to have caring leaders like you all running this company. ❤️👏👏

Shelby Moore


You guys got to this (cryptocurrency implementation) so much faster than I expected! Such a great surprise! ❤ Those that know any crypto, know what a huge, loyal market this opens us up to! Well done and Thank You!!!! Time to spread the word! 

Heather Houle


Hi JR, Andrew and team!

Pip and I attended this year’s MAIC virtually with a watch party from our home with 6 partners from VA, NC, SC, AL and FL who joined us in person and then many others, including guests online via individual or small group watch parties.

We found much strength in having time to bond over various conversations at lunch, dinner and evening games and discussions instead of trying to find everyone in a large crowd and feeling like we were all racing from one place to another.  The feedback was everyone loved the short segments and really got much out of the panels where we could learn from hearing different perspectives on the same topic (i.e. different approaches, etc).  Having the next generation of leaders speaking, including a refreshing younger health professional (Gary Brecka) brought so much energy and inspiration to the event!  And we cannot thank you enough for sharing the recorded Follow-up zoom from Elizabeth’s team – this really seemed to have tremendous impact on our team, esp with the follow-up live panel of them joining you on stage.  We really needed this event as a team with all the challenges and struggles of the past 6 months since MAWC – as you always say, the answer to everything is to have new people with you – it is truly the spark to our business!

Personally, I feel the power profiles selected this go around were all beautifully executed – everyone dropping inspiring stories to create people to want to take action.  Dritan Hodo is a true diamond who we continue to want to learn from.  To think back to our first time meeting him in Atlanta and encouraging him to share in teaching the Basic 5 with us – he wanted us to do it and he just listen.  He got up there to do a segment and Pip and I watched in awe!  We walked away knowing he had what it took and we knew we needed to find some younger energetic people to join our team going forward.  He has continued to inspire us to this very day and we’d love for our team to hear from him and his team more – they are so refreshing, authentic and raw!!!

As with every event, our energy has gone up another notch which we will use to fuel us into productive activity week to week.  Thank you so much and congratulations on a well executed hybrid event that allowed so many people to attend who could not or would not attend in person at this time!  The list of reasons for attending virtually is a long list, many of which are very valid to consider as we move forward in this NEXT CHAPTER.   Cheers to NEW BEGINNINGS!

We love and appreciate you!  I’m pretty sure Pip has some of his own thoughts to add to these so he can choose to email you separately :~)

Live Well,

Beth Black