August 10th, 2019

MAIC2019: Reprogramming the Brain

I hope everyone enjoyed Day Three of MAIC2019 and experienced that billionth of a volt that helps you understand not only the power at your fingertips, but also how to wield it. The UnFranchise Business is a billion-dollar idea but until now many people have treated it like a nickel and dime business.

Hopefully this event helped you to understand that you have the ability to earn residual income – something which has been otherwise exclusively limited to extremely wealthy people who already had a massive sum of money to invest. This business helps average people access something they would otherwise have no realistic way of attaining. While this business is systemized, proven, profitable, duplicatable, and stable – you still have to put in the effort.

Remember, the 2-3-year stopwatch only ticks when you are playing an active role in your success by following the plan, qualifying people, using the evaluation approach, trial runs, and the ABC pattern to build and grow! There seems to be an unfair and unspoken assumption that this business can be built without investment, skill, performance, or time (effort). This assumption is wrong because this business gives you what you put into it! While it’s an utterly incredible plan and design, you still have to do the five things (weekly habits) I talked about:

  1. Use the Evaluation Approach to secure 2 presentations per week
  2. Be a product of the product
  3. Show the plan to 2 or more people per week
  4. Sell tickets to the next GMTSS event to a prospect(s)
  5. Measure, Monitor, Adjust & Control personally and your team items 1-4

Another key concept to keep in mind is the simple fact that each and every one of us was blessed with a supercomputer called a brain. The key to getting the most out of your life (and helping others do the same) is to program your brain with the right things that lead to positive action. Our brains are being passively programmed every second of our life. Our routines, the people we associate with, the way we spend our time – everything helps determine how you ultimately operate.

You have the power to reprogram your brain by getting your priories in order. You have to put your dreams and goals ahead of your job, or whatever is holding you back from achieving greatness. Don’t let your life be determined (derailed) by bad programming. Fix your thinking ultimately fixes your actions, so I hope that sinks in on the way home.

Remember we’re all in this business together because collective buying power and residual income is a thing of beauty and an economic miracle that allows average people to do extraordinary things. Appreciate this business and it will change your life!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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