August 9th, 2019

MAIC2019: Five Weekly Habits, Qualifying People & The Evaluation Approach

I hope everyone enjoyed day two of MAIC2019 – because I personally had a blast speaking with you about the different components which create an unstoppable UnFranchise business. Over the years I’ve cultivated a list of 5 Weekly Habits you must have to be a successful UFO. I had the opportunity to speak about these today, but I’ve also included them below because I feel they’re utterly crucial if you want to be successful in this business:

  1. Use the Evaluation Approach to Secure Two Presentations Per Week:
    • Possibility list of 100 or more names
    • Call/approach 4 to 8 per week to get 2 people to evaluate 
    • 2 evaluations per week X 52 weeks = 104 evaluations per year
    • 104 evaluations will result in 8 or more GoNows imprinting and leading to people
  2. Be a Product of the Product:
    • Use the products consistently and correctly to obtain a positive experience
    • Use your belief in your products to provide product solutions
    • Convert all spending into earning by buying from your own business
  3. Show the Plan to Two or More People Per Week:
    • Show the plan preferably with a senior partner; or
    • Bring the possibility to an HBP/UBP
    • Use the No-Decision Close to see if they know the right people
    • Book a follow-up with the people they connect you with
    • Qualify or disqualify people based on whether or not they lead to people
  4. Sell Tickets to the Next GMTSS Event to a Prospect(s):
    • Must have purchased a minimum of three tickets
    • Ensure that you and members of your organization attend the ticketed GMTSS event
    • Make sure you and everyone on your team purchases three or more tickets to the next GMTSS 
  5. Measure, Monitor, Adjust & Control Personally and Your Team Items 1-4:
    • Must complete the 5 life priorities pie chart, 3 Ws & this top 5. This is the WHY
    • Establish daily, weekly, monthly stair steps needed to achieve the next UnFranchise Level (use Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Accountability Report).
    • Use “Weekly Trial Run Tracking Form” to track progress and action plan (result-producing activities, evaluations, follow-ups, ABC Pattern)
    • Report progress to team and senior partner weekly

I realize many people seem to get tripped up on the very first item on this list – but the trick is to not think of it as recruiting. I don’t recruit – I qualifypeople. When you do it that way, it’s almost impossible not to get people interested and eventually sponsor. Remember, your verbally dancing with them – be artful – don’t tackle them! So what do I mean by Qualify people?…

  • By meeting them and cultivating a relationship
  • Relationships come first!
  • Relationships come from building friendships!
  • Find out more about them, what makes them tick
  • FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money
  • Recreation requires time and money
  • Remember their name – write it down – keep a journal or log and write down things about the different people you meet each day
  • People typically talk about three things. Take an interest. Ask questions! 
  • Their favorite topic is themselves. Get the talking about themselves and find out more about them. You’ll find they appreciate it and will like you because you listened!

It’s all about bringing in people who will help lead to other people, use the products, and create customers. The key is utilizing the evaluation approach – which is basically the opposite of recruiting even though they essentially have the same result. Instead of recruiting, I want people to genuinely evaluate the business.

Provide a reason you want them to evaluate it that makes sense to them! Simply ask them to look at this revolutionary new technology/concept using the internet to track what people buy and convert spending into earning. Getting paid to buy the products you already buy anyway is a concept which should always have a captive audience! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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