March 25th, 2010

MA ToolBar Now Live

I am so excited about our Market America toolbar. Wow!!! I love it. You guys have to see this and get everyone to make the Portal their home page and if you don’t have your own portal sign up as a preferred customer or just download the toolbar. I think this will help so many baby boomers, non-nerds and non techies who have trouble finding things or getting around the internet. It integrates everything and keeps it live at your fingertips.

All of your PC’s and UFO’s can have this now. Do yourself a favor and open this to experience it for yourselves. Pay special attention to MA network and explore it and you will become fascinated if not addicted. It develops customers and possibilities that allows you to make product offers, recommendations and customized offerings will be upon the portal soon just like it is on the mobile application. Buckle your seat belts for the ride of your life. Here we go!

Check out the instructions to download here:


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