June 5th, 2010

ma Cashback Continues and Gets Even Better as Microsoft Bing Cash Back Shuts Down

Microsoft just announced that it is shutting down its cash back program because it couldn’t get customers to adopt  even though they had tremendous traffic and response.  It’s great for us. They don’t have a model made for this and they do not have people power.

Click this link or read below for the news:’Can’t Buy Me Love: Microsoft Closes the Register on Bing Cashback http://techcrunch.com/2010/06/04/microsoft-shutters-bing-cashback/

Everyone knows that Microsoft and Bing are not merchandisers or marketers and were a fish out of water with a product merchandizing platform. My company “MarketAmerica.com” has a strong team of merchandisers and marketers more importantly we have people power.

I SEE THIS AS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR MARKET AMERICA AND YOU THE SHOPPER. Market America pays you to shop and referring others to shop it only takes 10 seconds of your time. Do it now while your watching tv, taking a moment to relax, do it before your kids get home from school, or those 20 extra minutes you have it will only benefit you and this will get better. We are rewarding and paying to shop how simple is that!

Below is a promotional video that explains to you the revolutionary paid to shop program by MarketAmerica.com


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