October 11th, 2018

Lumière de Vie Hommes: Building Brand Awareness with Key Influencers

Building brand awareness is an essential part of establishing long-term success, and this weekend we’re holding an exclusive event with major beauty influencers in NYC to celebrate the launch of Lumière de Vie Hommes. These influencers have massive online followings with the propensity to really help boost brand awareness for LDV Hommes, not to mention help boost your UnFranchise Business as well!

Our fabulous Lumière de Vie Hommes event will take place this Saturday evening, and will be hosted by our dear friend Jamie Foxx on our new superyacht, Utopia IV, with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the beauty industry. This is the perfect opportunity for these key influencers to meet with Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin and learn firsthand from the creator of LDV! The event will feature a special casino night celebration offering a unique experience for those in attendance which will allow us to share the new LDV Hommes brand with the influencers who can ultimately help us share this incredible new product line with people all over the world.

Although this event isn’t specifically designed for UnFranchise Owners – it will have a direct impact on your business and success because Lumière de Vie Hommes is about to become the hottest name in men’s skincare – and YOU own the keys to the incredible business behind it! By sharing this amazing new brand with key beauty influencers and media personalities this weekend, we hope to have a dynamic impact on this brand as well as the success and growth for our entire UnFranchise family.

Influencers are a massive part of building brand awareness, but I’ve always been a huge believer in becoming a product of the product – so be sure to try Lumière de Vie Hommes for yourself and share your experiences and results with your friends and customers. Between your authentic experiences with this world-class product line, and the massive infusion of media coverage we’re about to receive from this weekend’s LDV press event – there’s never been a better time to be an UnFranchise Owner! Stay tuned for more information as we’ll be sharing some great photos and video from this event to help spread the word about the launch of Lumière de Vie Hommes!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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