October 11th, 2018

Lifestyle Now App: Conquer Entertainment Changes the Game

One of the highlights of #MAIC2018 was the debut of Conquer Entertainment’s incredible Lifestyle Now App, which makes it so easy to tap into the power of lifestyle marketing. This state-of-the-art application allows you to leverage your lifestyle by easily sharing content just like you normally would on social media and emails, only this content is tagged and connected to your portal! I’ve included this video below to help explain how it all works:

Some apps pay you to shop but this one pays you to share!!! With the new Conquer Entertainment Lifestyle Now App you have the ability to turn your social media posts into sales opportunities! Using object recognition technology to identify products in your photos, the app gives you the ability to monetize any image you post to your social media channels.

The mobile app takes the eCommerce SHOP.COM database of products and allows you to connect them to the images on your mobile devices creating shoppable links for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and even text messages. It makes lifestyle marketing seamless and easy!

With your own account ID embedded in each post, it’s as easy as snapping a picture to generate sales like never before. You already share your photos, you share your feelings, you even share your memories. Now, get paid to share your lifestyle with the new Lifestyle Now App from Conquer Entertainment.

Lifestyle marketing is such a simple and powerful concept because it allows you to leverage the life you lead simply by sharing the things you do and love. This app represents another huge step in the evolution of one-to-one marketing, and essentially digitizes and automates the process to make it even easier and more efficient. Download the Conquer Entertainment Lifestyle Now App today from Google Play and iTunes and turn your social media posts into sales opportunities!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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