October 18th, 2019

Legacy of Success: The Bowling Organization Diagram

Team, I’d like to share something with you which I think is an incredible visual representation of the tremendous legacy of success that Pam and Tony Bowling established with Market America. While they are gone too soon, they live on in the hopes and dreams of the countless lives they touched. In fact, I just got the Bowling organization diagram to start reviewing & see what needs to be done to step in and ensure this organization continues to thrive. 

Just seeing their organization laid out like this is really powerful to behold. What a legacy! For those of you in their organization, we need to carry on and reach new levels with what they established for your own residual income and benefit as well as in respect and honor of them. It is all that they would want, because helping others succeed meant the world to Pam and Tony. Make them proud!

It will take a minute to go through it though! I am now the next senior partner and up line and will work with Ron Bowling who will manage along with Renee. Remember that the business and BDC’s get passed on and are inheritable. Also, Ron will help build and wants to go to work with those who need or want it plus build new business. He is full time, trained, and committed and I will be his coach. 

I will also be working directly with top leaders that want to build and follow the pattern. The amazing thing about this organization diagram in the picture above is the fact it only shows National Supervising Coordinators and above. So, you can imagine how utterly massive this is when it goes to the EC or Master Coordinator level! 

They had a strong mid six-figure residual income for over 15 years and now is time to build again and duplicate that in your businesses! Tell me if you are ready and able as we are looking for where to work and will be doing action plans with the org diagram and customizing it for those that are committed and ready to build. 

In the upcoming 6 months we will be booking Bowling Organization summits in CT/NY, MD, Miami, and Tampa to meet with teams and leaders. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 


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