Legacy of Love: Celebrating the Life of Stacy Tung

It is with incredible sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beautiful partner, friend, daughter, wife, mother, the incomparable Stacy Tung.  Stacy became one of the most accomplished, respected, and successful entrepreneurs our company has ever known.  We love Stacy.

Stacy helped and inspired thousands of people to follow their dreams and helped so many to change their lives in our business.  She was the definition of a true leader.  She led her team with pride, respect and love. She was a giver.  She personally took the burden of seeing so many young people suffering financially and worked with them, guided them and inspired them until so many became financially able.  Stacy didn’t speak of her cancer to many, in fact most did not know.  What she did share with us is how she didn’t want anyone to worry about her.  She wanted people to continue to stay focused on their goals and she promised us to share her story in the fall when she would kick cancers ass.  We truly believed she would.  She spoke often to us about how much she loved her team and her leaders. She wanted them to continue to thrive and grow. How much she missed seeing everyone all the time.  She was so proud of them.  She couldn’t wait to get back.  She spoke to me of how much she loved Oliver and Jack and how lucky she was to have such an amazing husband. She told me how much Oliver loved football and she was so proud that he recognized how much he was growing with each practice.  She laughed as she would tell me how much he loved to eat, as she would beam with pride, he is growing.  She sent many photos to us of her with Oliver and Jack during her battle, always smiling and happy to be with them.  She was a selfless, kind, caring and strong leader, one who led by doing things first. 

She shared with me in January how she watched the district rally online from the hospital with her prospect who was going to be her first business partner of 2021, she was thrilled!  

She said she has nothing in life to complain about. She never complained once.  She was amazing and inspiring to all of us.  A hero. She was filled with energy in every message, filled with love and gratitude, always.  She never ended a message to me without reminding me to stay healthy, happy and FULL of love.  

Although she was taken from us far too young and we all wish for more time – We feel blessed to have known and loved Stacy for these years. We are grateful that our lives were touched by her.    

Grief never ends – but it changes. It is passage not a place to stay.  Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith… it is the price of love.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal – 

But love leaves a memory no one can steal.

It’s like something magical comes from these places of life and death.

We don’t understand it on this side, but I suppose one day it will all make sense.  

But for now, I want the words of Stacy to live in my mind.  Do more to help people, be happy, stay healthy and FULL of love.

Stacy, you will forever live in our hearts.  We love you and we will miss you forever.