Learn and Grown: Two Important Zoom Sessions with Phil Guido

Team, we’ve got two crucial Zoom sessions scheduled this week with Phil Guido which can serve as powerful educational opportunities for UFOs and guests. Phil’s session on Trial Size Marketing is going to be an important Zoom session for UFOs interested in giving their business a retail boost, and his UBP will be another great opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve included additional information about each Zoom session below, along with registration links. Be sure to share this info with your team!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

October 21

Trial Size Marketing System

Join Phil and learn how to effectively use MA’s NEW automated Trial Size Marketing program and the new UnFranchise Marketing App to increase retail sales, increase BV and produce higher commissions!

October 22

UnFranchise Business Presentation

An UnFranchise Business Presentation with Phil Guido.