March 11th, 2019

Learn and Grow with New UnFranchise Support Materials

One thing that really sets our company apart is the support system we have, not only in terms of UnFranchise Owners that motivate and support one another, but also in the form of cutting-edge training materials designed to help you get the most out of the UnFranchise and Shopping Annuity.

The new responsively designed UnFranchise Support Materials section within makes building your Attitude and Knowledge easier and more efficient. Dive into the new support materials section on to learn more about the business, sales & recruiting, training & events, university majors or simply find important administrative downloads you need to operate your business.

Below you’ll find some great information about these support materials, along with some frequently asked questions. These are excellent resources to share with your fellow UnFranchise Owners, especially those who may be new to the business.

Highlights of the new UnFranchise Support Materials include:

Beautiful new design with brand new organization of topics. When you click on “browse by” at the top left of the UnFranchise Support Materials navigation, all topics are organized into four main categories:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Training and Events
  3. Recruiting and Sales
  4. University Majors & Specialties

This makes it easy to explore and discover new information about growing your UnFranchise Business. Other highlights include:

Files are smarter.

All media items now feature a cover image and important attributes such as long and short descriptions, keywords, people, language, country and more to make files easier to learn about before you download them.

Improved search within downloads.

Within the new downloads, you can enter a keyword to find relevant documents, audios and other types of materials.  Further, being able to see the full breakdown of categories will inspire people to search for materials.

Related materials recommendations.

Materials can be tagged as related so that you never miss an important piece that accompanies the one you selected.  For example, the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Flipchart” is related to the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Outline” and the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Placemat”. With this new feature, if you clicked on one of those items you would see the other two related items below.

Familiar language and verbiage.

The UBP, about ma doc, and more all refer to our university majors by industry first. New and existing UnFranchise Owners may resonate with the industry over a brand name when they are searching and exploring.  For example, a new UFO may not initially know what “Lumiere de vie” or “Vitashield” is at first but they do understand the term “skin care”.   Therefore, they would be more inclined to click on that category to explore further.

Continuity of subcategories in University Majors

University majors have categories labeled “Sales Aids (materials to share with customers), “Training Materials” (official curriculum/ GMTSS events) and “Business Building” (other training materials).  A few Majors required additional subcategories. However, by categorizing the same across the board, UnFranchise Owners will have a better sense for how to find what they need within the different majors.

Link preservation

The unique URL for each media item never changes, even when new revisions are uploaded.  The most recent version of the document is always available and simply replaces the older version.

Language & Country filters

Build a global business and easily search for materials within different countries and/or languages by applying the filters on the left.


Visit and click on “Downloads” and then choose “Support Materials” today to dive in and learn.  The new responsive redesign is inspired, modern and contains a wealth of information. Build your attitude and knowledge to take your UnFranchise business to the next level. I’ve included below some additional FAQs with even more info on these excellent resources…


Frequently Asking Questions:

  1. How do I access the new Support Materials?

Login to your back office, click on “Downloads” and choose “Support Materials”

  1. How do I search for a keyword or material?

There is a search bar within the Support Materials to handle search terms.  The best way to search for a keyword is to enter into the search bar without any categories applied.  If you have a category applied, it will only search within the applied category.  To search all categories, make sure to remove any applied category filters.

  1. How do I remove a filter?

You can see all the applied filters above your results.  To remove a filter, simply click on the “x” next to the filter you wish to remove.

  1. What is a related material?

A related material is a material that has been tagged as related to the document you selected. For example, the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Flipchart” is related to the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Outline” and the “It’s Your Time to Shine Event Placemat”.  With this new feature, if you clicked on one of those items you would see the other two related items below.

  1. What is a derivative?

A derivative of a material is a piece of content that is the same piece but in a different language. For example, you may select a flyer in English and see the same flyer below available in Chinese.  These recommendations make finding similar pieces in other languages easier.

  1. What’s the difference between “Browse All Categories” and “Categories”

“Browse All Categories” is for all countries and languages.

“Categories” is defaulted to your home country and language.

  1. How can I download a material?

You can download a material by clicking “download” in the list view or full view.

  1. How can I share a material?

You can share a material by clicking “Share” in the list view or full view.  When you choose share, a link is created for you to share.

  1. How can I see important details about each download?

When you click on a media item, you will see a title, date it was last updated, file size, media type, language, countries, keywords and a description.

  1. Do HP1s and NCs have a different experience than UnFranchise Owners?

Yes, HP1s and NCs have more files that are available to them under the nutraMetrix category.


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