Learn and Grow: Two Powerhouse UBPs

Tonight we have two UBPs on Zoom which provide UnFranchise Owners with two important business building opportunities. We’ll start off with a great UBP with Andrew Weissman at 8:00pm EST, followed by a UBP in Spanish with Luzby Hernandez. These UBPs are two excellent events to leverage and a great way to introduce prospective partners to the business. Don’t miss out on these important UBPs on Zoom tonight!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

UnFranchise Business Presentation

An UnFranchise Business Presentation with Andrew Weissman.

UnFranchise Business Presentation in Spanish (Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise)

  • Who: Luzby Hernandez special guest, Mauricio Mercado – Professional Coordinator with MA|SHOP.com
  • Time: 9:00pm EST
  • Zoom Link: Click to register

Acompaña a Luzby Hernández, Directora de Desarrollo para el Mercado Hispano, y Mauricio Mercado, para una Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise. Invita a todos sus invitados a evaluar esta gran oportunidad de negocio.