Learn and Grow: Special Edition of the GoNow Gameplan with Loren Ridinger

Next week UnFranchise Owners have an utterly incredible learning opportunity as Loren Ridinger joins Sarah Rose Stack for a very special edition of the GoNow Gameplan. This session will focus primarily on the holiday shopping season and what you need to do as an UnFranchise Owner to really capitalize on this crucial retail opportunity to give your business a massive boost! 

This special edition of The GoNow Gameplan begins at 8pm EST on Monday, November 11th on the Market America Facebook Page. This crucial session will provide in-depth information on the following topics:

  • BV Gift Ideas Using the UnFranchise Gift Guides and Motive’s Beauty Gift Guides to find the perfect exclusive products for everyone on your list including, women, men, children, teachers, coaches and everyone in between.
  • Inside Scoop on SHOP.COM Holiday Deals & Finds Top gifts of 2019 and where to find them on SHOP, Extra IBV Event, Top Partner Stores with huge deals and more.
  • Socially Speaking Social Media tips for the holidays and an inside look into how to make your wish list come true with the MyList Holiday Giveaway.
  • Connecting during the Holidays How to maximize your extra time with family and friends to reconnect and build possibilities.
  • Holiday Parties: Featuring Your Fav Products Leveraging Motives Instagram and blog posts for the best holiday looks ranging from casual flannel to holiday glam! Serving up the best holiday recipes from TLS. Bonus – incorporating other exclusive products and partner store for parties you host or parties you attend.

Share this info with your team and help spread the world about the tremendous learning opportunity with Loren Ridinger and Sarah Rose Stack! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger