August 24th, 2018

Learn and Grow: Second PowerPoint For My Upcoming MeetON Series

Hi Team:

I have to say I am somewhat amazed at the continued “chatter” and response about the convention with anticipation to change their brain programming or waking up with a new vision and feeling about the future. For some reason more eyes were apparently opened than ever before and the sleeping giant is about to awake.

For some reason I believe that has more to do with the “Receivers” than the “Transmitters!” Regardless of why, I am very thankful and hopeful and want to thank you all for being there and making it a great convention.

Last week I sent the first PowerPoint session and notes that will be covered in the first session that I promised to do this weekend. I think it is important that you have an opportunity to get tuned into the logic and reasoning before the actual broadcast so you get the most out of it.

CLICK HERE to access a second very detailed PowerPoint which is broken into 3 sessions, which makes a total of 4 including the last one I previously sent.



The first session (which I already sent this PowerPoint for) is on the following:

“BV vs IBV where I discuss the IBV Plan Alignment with the BV Plan and Shopping Annuity and How They Work Together Synergistically rather than Against Each Other.”

  • This will explain fully why BV and IBV must be separated and you are being given a grace period to transition from using the MA-BV product list for use to qualify for the 10/20/30 IBV accrual option (now with 50BV cap in place) and to switch to the true IBV products satisfying the monthly IBV accrual option. The options to do this are very strong and will be released between now and the deadline and were explained at convention in Keven Buckman’s, Chris Peddycord’s and Marc Ashley’s stage presentations.

 The second part of this is a short session on: 

    • Which is better? Cashback + Lower (current IBV for UFOs with the same Cashback for Customers as we have now).

                                           – OR –

  • 1) Cashback for customers only (possible lower prices or higher cashback) & 2) No Cashback for UFOs but Double + IBV with best or lower prices?


The next second PowerPoint covers the material in the next three MeetON Sessions, DOWNLOAD NOW and review with your team.  

How Requirements within the MPCP really work and support business development the RIGHT WAY.”

 Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

 Under the one PowerPoint, the three sessions or lesson presentations are as follows:

  • Part 1: “The principles that make the MPCP work. Building solid from the bottom up -top down.  Approximately slides 1 – 36 of the PowerPoint included here.
    • This takes you under the hood of the MPCP engines to help you understanding the principles and math of the MPCP and how it works and what effects a UFO’ success and residual income. This is what ultimately determines what is best for the field and UFO’s and maintains the stability or longevity of residual income and the company.
  • Part 2: “What downline placement and vertical marketing means. The challenges with Downline placement of BV/IBV.  Approximately 37 – 44 of the PP included here
  • Part 3: Binary/Binomial Strategy and the Right Way to Build (How JR built the company) – Approximately 46 -This will fully explain and discuss: Down-Line Placement (DLP) new rules and why and how they work. The Right way vs The wrong way: Binary/Binomial StrategyHow JR built the organization

I do not want to repeat the important message I sent last time as to the importance of your understanding the WHY and logic or reasoning behind this tune up and overhaul of our MPCP engine, but it is the solution for both larger earners and pin levels and newer or lower level UFO’s and it will result in greater residual income and stability. It gets the BV and IBV plan working synergistically, in alignment with the Shopping Annuity which is about to “explode”, addresses best practices vs bad practices in building the business and earning residual income, stabilizes and strengthens the MPCP for greater residual income, and puts us in safe harbor regulatory wise. I am anxious for you to understand why and how.

Here are the details on the live broadcast which is interactive and you can send questions and comments in on and join the conversation:

 I believe in you.

Keep Growing,

-JR Ridinger

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  1. Mary Sharon Fay says:

    I cannot get on meet on.. it gives me a new password but it doesn’t work . I do not understand the PowerPoint slides. Will this be on Utube anytime?

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