February 19th, 2019

Learn and Grow: Meet the Majors with Sarah Rose Stack!

On Monday, Sarah Rose Stack hosted a powerful webinar along with the field consultants and directors of each of Market America’s areas of specialization, including: Leigh Raeder with Motives Cosmetics, Sue Pasqual with TLS, Jason Pelland with WebCenters, Sarah Tugender with nutraMetrix, and Charlie Baer with SHOP Financial.

Like I always say, the business is a two-sided coin. We have the Shopping Annuity which is rocket fuel for the business because people can convert spending they were already going to do anyway, into earning. On the other side of the coin you have the University Majors which are areas of specialization within Market America.

Each of our majors have a proven system for sales, training and support for UnFranchise Owners who would like to increase their knowledge and retail skills within those divisions. On Monday, Motives®, TLS®, WebCenters, nutraMetrix® and SHOP Financial® field consultants and directors each provided a 10-minute high level overview of their division’s:

  • Products
  • Profitability (retail profit, BV/IBV potential)
  • Process (What does a UFO who majors in your area “do”)
  • Programs (Training, systems that UFOs can follow)

CLICK HERE to watch the replay.


Below are some key takeaways from each major about what to take advantage of right now…



  • Motives Cosmetics Official Pro Partners Facebook Group
  • “Units” for a self guided walkthrough of information
  • “Events” for the upcoming Motives Monday Schedule
  • “Announcements” for a library of past sessions
  • MotivesTraining.com for upcoming trainings in your area
  • Motives Youtube Channel 
  • Visit MotivesAcademy.com for upcoming dates for the MBBA (Motives Beauty Business Academy)
  • Access marketing materials at unfranchise.com Downloads>Motives>click on date to see the most recent



  • mawc411.com has everything you need to learn about our products, programs, training and special events.
  • Level Up Contest: We are providing 6 months of training and accountability for WebCenter Owners who want to learn and take their business to the next level. https://www.mawc411.com/levelupchallenge_eng.html
  • To get started with WebCenters, you need to be a WebCenter Owner. We are currently running a special to setup your WebCenter for free: This Special will expire on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 5 p.m. EST, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, as it will not be extended! Login to unfranchise.com and order the appropriate code:


First-time WebCenter Owners:



UKWCSP=GBR (Great Britain)





Reactivate an old WebCenter:










Upgrade to WebCenter Pro:




** USA only

** Eligibility for this program applies.

Visit www.webcenter-pro.com

*Monthly Service Fee applies, 0BV for free WebCenter.



  • The TLSSlim.com/yourURL has everything you and a customer may need to start with TLS. From educational videos on the program and general nutrition info to recipes, FREE weight loss profile to see which TLS program or products would be best, and a prospecting ‘become a coach’ link, ‘it’s truly a wonderful website for all.
  • To get started with TLS, the best thing is to check out the TLSSlim.com site and purchase the health guide and journal. Remember, 1 out of 3 people struggle with their weight, so knowing about a program your business offers is a great way to get new customers, sell products and prospect for new coaches on your team.
  • Check GMTSS for the next TLS 101/201 Training in an area closest to you. Each training is only $25 and you’ll walk away excited to build your UnFranchise business with a clear(er) focus on how powerful TLS can be for it.
  • Join the TLS Facebook coaches support page. This is a group any UFO can join. We have live Facebook videos (TLS Tuesday’s) 3 times per month (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12pm EST and every last Tuesday of the month at 830pm). If you cannot make the live session, you can watch the replay! Join at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/540993889341531




Find out more about nutraMetrix by visiting nutraMetrix.com or reaching out to the team at nutraMetrix@nutraMetrix.com. Get started with nutraMetrix by talking to your local coordinator about scheduling a nutraMetrix 101 and 201 in your area.

Join us in beautiful Herndon, VA for the nutraMetrix Annual Convention & Trainings March 29-31, 2019 and REDEFINE your 2019 business goals during 3 MAJOR EVENTS – 1 INFORMATION PACKED WEEKEND for just $250.

Our top nutraMetrix Leaders will discuss advanced implementation methods while sharing tips, insights and keys to success that will help you grow your nutraMetrix business! Earn nutraMetrix Consultant (NC) Status or attend a Health Professional Product and Implementation Training (for licensed Health Professionals only) – AND attend the nutraMetrix Annual Convention all within the same weekend. Read more about the event here: http://bit.ly/2V6D6YC



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