August 28th, 2019

Learn and Grow: Hurdlr Training & Accountability

Right now, we all have a tremendous opportunity to learn more about Hurdlr with this powerful Training session on Tuesday, 9/3/19 at noon EST – which is part of our 4 week accountability initiative. To register for this Hurdlr 4 Week Accountability Group,CLICK HERE

As UnFranchise Owners, we enjoy the potential tax savings that come with owning a business. The average small business owner leaves roughly $3,000 each year on the table, simply because they did not track, monitor and submit expenses they are entitled to write off of their taxable income. 

Market America has partnered with Hurdlr for the USA and CAN UnFranchise Owners. Hurdlr automatically tracks all of your mileage, expenses, income streams, and tax deductions in real-time. 
By calculating valuable tax deductions and automating your financial records, Hurdlr helps the average user save $1,000s per year on their tax bill and get back hours of their time.

For all other Market Countries, UnFranchise Owners will continue to have access to Deductr until Hurdlr becomes available. Our goal is to help you save and earn money by converting your spending into earning AND keeping more of what you make with Hurdlr and Deductr.     

Hurdlr Premium Highlights: 

  • Fully automatic mileage tracking. Track all your trips, so you never miss a deduction and simply swipe to categorize them.
  • Automatic expense tracking
  • Automatic income tracking
  • A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) based expense and mileage categorization automation. Through machine learning, A.I. will suggest rules to automatically categorize your recurring expenses and trips, saving you countless hours of tagging.
  • Real-time tax calculations. See your detailed tax calculations and view your quarterly tax payment estimates, current tax obligation, and projected tax obligation, so you always know how much you owe.
  • Speed tagging. Tag your income, expenses, and mileage in bulk saving you time from having to go through one-by-one.
  • Ability to track multiple businesses. Track as many different businesses as you’d like. Each income, expense, and trip can be tagged to a particular business to keep your finances and reporting separate.
  • Detailed reports. Hurdlr’s reports are extensive and include all of the data you’ll need to complete your tax filing. 
  • Automatic Monthly Reports
  • Blue-tooth based Tracking
  • Categorize your business and Shopping Annuity spending in one easy step

Want to make the most of this program?  Join Sarah Rose Stack for 4 weekly 30-min training sessions to help you jumpstart your experience with Hurdlr.  Sessions begin Tuesday, 9/3/19 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Register here:


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