October 17th, 2018

Learn and Grow: Deductr Webinar on October 23rd

Deductr is one of those special resources that I feel every UnFranchise Owner could benefit from because it’s a tremendous tool and resource for small business owners which tracks business expenses and can even help serve as a financial GPS to keep you on the right path. If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible resource, then I suggest you tune in for a special Deductr webinar next week! I’ve included below some additional information about this powerful program as well as details for the upcoming webinar. I suggest you share these with your team and help spread the word about this crucial learning opportunity!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


What’s Scarier, Ghosts, Goblins, or Taxes? 

Tax time doesn’t have to be scary. But too often we let things go until the last minute before we start preparing our taxes. For nine years now Deductr has helped thousands of people save thousands of dollars on their taxes.

Join us for our free LIVE webinar on Tuesday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM Mountain time and we’ll show you how to get everything caught up and ready for the end of the year.

Let us help you take the fear out of tax time. Get registered. It’s easy. As easy as Deductr makes expense tracking!

Make sure you mark your calendar for the correct starting time in your time zone:

  • Eastern: 9:00 PM
  • Central: 8:00 PM
  • Mountain: 7:00 PM
  • Pacific: 6:00 PM

If you need help accessing your account or getting started, please contact Deductr’s Customer Support team by email support@deductr.com or call toll-free 877-236-3768.

Deductr is one of those things where once you have it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. Here are some of the key benefits of this amazing program:

  • Deductr is like having a personal assistant to track your business expenses, mileage, and time without the salary.
  • You’re mobile and so is Deductr. Use Deductr’s iPhone or Android phone app to enter expenses on the move and track mileage via GPS!
  • Link business bank cards to turn Deductr into an automatic tracking assistant who tracks and records every expense at the point of purchase! Set it and forget it.
  • Swipe your card for business and Deductr will remind you when expenses have been recorded and need to be confirmed.
  • The Self­ Employed are three times more likely to experience an audit.
  • Eliminate the fear of an audit with bulletproof records and documentation. Stop overpaying your taxes! (80% of all taxpayers do!)
  • Now in just minutes a month you can record and confirm every potential, eligible, tax deduction with year­end reports ready to print out and hand to your tax professional.
  • Using Deductr can put an additional $100 to $600 per month back in your pocket.
  • When it comes to business taxes, procrastination and forgetfulness can be very expensive. Deductr takes human nature out of the equation to help you keep more of what you make.
  • You can customize Deductr to your personal business.
  • The dashboard shows you your potential savings each month and where you spend time and money building your UnFranchise business.
  • You can manage everything right from the dashboard
  • There is an activity tracker which legitimizes your business and proves it is not a hobby.
  • You can take pictures of your receipts and Deductr files them for you.
  • Deductr will do everything you need to have your business ready for tax time.

Deductr is an incredibly powerful program for UnFranchise Owners, but you must have UFMS to take advantage of Deductr! If you’re not currently a UFMS subscriber, please add code #UFMS to your AutoShip to start receiving the benefits of UFMS, including Deductr!

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