Learn and Grow: Crucial Zoom Sessions to Utilize this Week

Team, we’ve got some great Zoom sessions lined up the next few days which represent some great learning opportunities all UFOs should leverage. We start off tonight with our 28 Days of Health webinar with Dr. Deedra Mason – this is one everyone should join because health and wellness should be a top priority! Following that we’ve got a great session with Phil Guido about the importance of Closing. These insights with Phil are important for all UFOs to understand! Then tomorrow night we’ve got 2 more business building Zoom sessions with Andrew Weissman (UBP) and Luzby Hernandez (UBP in Spanish). I’ve included the details for these webinars below – be sure to spread the word and share with your team!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

November 4

28 Days of Health

An update on the 28 Days of Health Challenge with Dr. Deedra Mason.

Closing to Sponsor

After your prospect has seen the MPCP several times and has tried a few of our brands, and leads you to other people who are interested in residual income, it’s time to close them to a Getting Started Appointment and register them as your business partner. The challenge is that some people will sit on the fence forever, even after you have proven the business will work for them. This crucial session will share with you how to give them a slight push onto your side of the fence, how to CLOSE.

November 5

UnFranchise Business Presentation

An UnFranchise Business Presentation with Andrew Weissman.

UnFranchise Business Presentation in Spanish (Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise)

  • Who: Luzby Hernandez special guest, Mauricio Mercado – Professional Coordinator with MA|SHOP.com
  • Time: 9:00pm EST
  • Zoom Link: Click to register

Acompaña a Luzby Hernández, Directora de Desarrollo para el Mercado Hispano, y Mauricio Mercado, para una Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise. Invita a todos sus invitados a evaluar esta gran oportunidad de negocio.