Learn and Grow: 2021 Product Symposium

This past weekend represented a massive learning opportunity for UnFranchise Owners around the world as we hosted other tremendous hybrid event with both online and in-person interaction. We are breaking the mold and refining a new way to host events which combine the best of online learning and in-person experience. Product symposium is all about gaining a better understanding of the science behind our products as well as learning how to connect people with products which make a positive impact on their lives. By taking part in this event you’re playing an active role in your entrepreneurial development – I commend everyone for that!

First of all, a special thank you to Dr. Deedra Mason, Dr. Mark Lange, Dr. Rob, Dr. Emi, Dr. Brian & Dr. Tamara for delivering some absolutely tremendous informational sessions. Being able to condense and simplify such complex knowledge while making it palatable for the masses is a true skill and art form, and this speaker lineup did an absolutely amazing job at Product Symposium. I felt the topics they covered were timely and crucial for the development of UnFranchise Owners in terms of becoming better product brokers, such as: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Cardiovascular Health, understanding how your metabolism works, and the role stress and sleep play in your overall well-being.

My hat goes off to our expert speaker lineup. With your effort & expertise, these events elevate our understanding of the products which drive our success and ultimately help us become more attentive product brokers for our customers. By providing us with a working knowledge of the science behind our products, you’ve provided UnFranchise Owners with invaluable experiential learning. I’m a firm believer in the concept that knowledge is power – and I thank all of our Product Symposium speakers for taking time out of their lives to empower and educate our UnFranchise family.

While the science behind our products serves as the cornerstone for these events, also I love how they were able to do an entire section which focused on SHOP LIVE with Andrew Chee providing a great rundown of how it works. Our products almost sell themselves – ALMOST. When you need a little retail help SHOP LIVE is a tremendous resource that revolutionizes the way we shop and interact online. A special thanks to Andrew Chee for helping explain some of the nuances of this dynamic and powerful new tool for UnFranchise Owners.

I think my favorite part of these events are the panel discussions and Q & A sessions because you get to see some brilliant industry leaders shine bright and share their insights and ideas. When you provide expert level information in a format average people can understand, true learning and progress takes place. These types of panel discussions allow for a level of interaction you really don’t see anywhere else, and having the opportunity to experience these types of industry-defining discussions really puts you in a unique position to acquire some extremely useful knowledge!

Congratulations to everyone who helped make the 2021 Product Symposium such an impactful learning opportunity for UnFranchise Owners around the world. We’ve shown yet again that we can thrive using hybrid events (online & in-person) which amplify invaluable interactions with industry experts! This is how we learn and grow!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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