Learn and Grow: 2020 Online Product Symposium

This past weekend’s online Product Symposium was one of the most successful events we’ve ever hosted – and represented a tremendous learning opportunity for UFOs around the world. The fact this event was hosted online meant more people could join – in fact, we had attendees from all 8 markets.

This was our largest Product Symposium since we started hosting them in 2002 – and we are elated to see so many UFOs and guest receive this incredible product information. By all accounts this was our best symposium yet and a huge success! If you attended feel free to leave a comment and share what you learned or any epiphanies you experienced or breakthroughs your team experienced where they’re motivated to use and market new products or lines or see solutions and applications for our customers.

Your input and testimonials are a huge part of our success – so have a look at a few testimonials I’ve received for the 2020 Product Symposium!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Keep growing


Message from Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli:

I was pleased and proud to be invited to be one of the presenters for the 2020 Product Symposium.  I loved talking about 5 key products and Nutrition in the News.  It was exciting to be part of this first-of-its kind event and to be able to reach so many people all over the world via Zoom.

As you already heard from Dennis in the report you shared, Dr Dee did an amazing job planning the event with Dennis, laying out the curriculum and enlisting the help of many of the members of our nutraMetrix clinical faculty to deliver quality information.  Commitment to excellence was the theme.  I don’t think either Dennis or Dr Dee have probably slept much in the last few weeks!  The tech support team was also fabulous.

Feedback I have received from my team so far (it’s only Monday):

  • 20 people from our team attended (including 10 health professionals and 3 fitness professionals and 2 guests) – this is a record for our team.  All have told me they wished they had guests in attendance, and they felt the event was outstanding.
  • All our partners (but especially our new partners) are excited to try additional products – We have scheduled a team Zoom this Thursday to do a coring and answer questions
  • We had numerous health professionals in attendance and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  One of our HP’s who is a physical therapist asked if she could get continuing education credits for the event (evidence she thought it was really good) Several texted me questions and comments about products during the event and today.
  • One of the guests who attended asked to meet with the partner who invited him and I ASAP to learn more about the business so that is scheduled for tomorrow evening.  The prospect owns restaurants and is a personal chef for Kanye West when he comes to DC, so we’ll see where that leads.
  • One of my most capable partners who had guests is a personal trainer and he reached out to me to tell me he is ready to build NOW.  He has blocked time in his schedule for MA.  Belief was always high but is through the roof after this event and the positive feedback from his guests who were so impressed by the quality info and the professionalism.
  • One of my personal prospects (skincare specialist who recently attended IIN to get wellness coach certification) wanted to attend but did not commit until late in the day Sunday and ticket sales were shut down so I am meeting with her via Zoom tomorrow to start sharing some of the content.
  • Team members said they would like to be able to send selected videos to prospects (not necessarily the link to the whole day) and based on the buzz some who did NOT attend wish they could purchase the video replays.

It’s fantastic that we could do this event via Zoom at a reasonable price as many of my team members would not have been able to attend a live event (even if there was no pandemic) as many see patients/clients on Saturdays.  This was a game changer for our team.

I was on a business building zoom with Cullen and the Southeast Region team last night and he asked about takeaways from PS and my biggest takeaways from the event were not related to products (probably because I am a product trainer).  My insights came from Dennis’ contribution talking about personal development being the new multiplier in business success.  I also appreciated his comments about personal branding and the importance of consistency. 

But my #1 takeaway was based on the DSA statistics Dennis shared highlighting that a new home-based business is launched every 11 seconds and we’re part of a $192B industry with 36 million customers.  It’s clear that people are looking for solutions and I’m confident that as a leader in the industry MA is an excellent option which means we should be eager to talk to folks since we know they are looking for something more and we have outstanding products/programs to go along with a great compensation plan.

As we discuss info with the team and learn more about the impact that their newly acquired product knowledge is having on personal use and sales, we’ll be happy to share that. Take care and be well!!

Dr Nancy

nutraMetrix Clinical Faculty, TLS Trainer, nutraMetrix Trainer, Certified Trainer

Message from Kerry Raghib:


I attended the Product Symposium and learned so much. It was awesome.   I have been with the company since 2015 and my business has been slow to grow.  I am enjoying all the zoom presentations since I am not able to travel due to my husband having Alzheimer’s.   I hope when Covid restrictions are lifted you will consider offering events by zoom due to business owners who cannot attend them. Paying money for the events without the expense of travel, motel, and food has helped me be able to grow.   Please consider offering zoom events for us who are growing. I feel that I can grow my business due to all the great training you have done.

Thank you,

Kerry Raghib, CNM, MSN

Message from Melisa Chan:

Dear JR, Loren & Marc:

We have attended the best product symposium ever, especially in this crucial time.

Thank you for all of the corporate team efforts to arrange the greatest speakers team member. the end sessions Q&A is the greatest movement for us. Thank you, Dennis and The HP team!

After training, our team continues corning up to 9 pm by Dr Si. Her expertly and experience points out the highlights of each system line of products. Without these wonderful products, it is impossible to attract this kind of high expert team member. Thank you!

Knowledge is power thank you our company bring so many powerful science base products, the Immune system and IBV shop.com antiseptic items, it enables us to better service our customer

Thank you all!

Melisa Chan